Graduation ceremony at Van Lang

Every year, Van Lang University organizes 1 to 2 graduation ceremonies for all majors. This is a special event in Van Lang that many generations of students like most.

Van Lang University was established in 1995. After more than 20 years of persisting in quality orientation, the university has organized graduation ceremonies for 20 generations of students. Up to July 2018, Van Lang has awarded diploma for 39,273 bachelors, engineers, architects and 77 masters. Human resources from Van Lang meet the requirement of the labor market; the employment rate of graduates one year after their graduation come to 93.1% (revealed by a survey conducted in Aug, 2017 for 1,835 students). Van Lang is one of the universities that hold the Graduation Ceremony earliest so that students can find jobs quickly and conveniently.

As an annual event of Van Lang, graduation ceremony is improved gradually each year expressing the spirit of Van Lang.

  • The ceremony is held in the formal hall. The graduates are invited to come to the stage and receive the diploma from the Rector and Dean, in front of the witnesses, congratulations from family, relatives and friends. Each graduate is awarded a diploma and a graduation hat.
  • Traditionally, graduates walk on the path of honor. Graduation Day is decorated with images of the Opening Ceremony 4-5 years ago to remind them about the journey they have experienced. Their parents also take part in the ceremony to witness the most meaningful moment of their sons/daughters.

20 generations of graduates have formed a large alumni network for Van Lang alumni. Students of Van Lang come from many countries of VietNam, and also from Van Lang – they go to other areas to work. Many alumni have successfully developed their own careers, and, more importantly, have rendered their active assistance to the university’s younger generations. The success of Van Lang alumni through generations has contributed to assure the quality of training and enhance the prestige of Van Lang University in the human resources market.

Remarkable milestone of Van Lang Graduation ceremony

graduation 001In September 1999, the first generation of Van Lang student graduated. This is a milestone in the history of the University. After 4 years of hard working, Van Lang has contributed to the society of 2,103 bachelors. They had to make every effort to prove themselves, because human resources from Van Lang University is still too new in the labor market.

graduation 001In 2000, the graduation ceremony was held for each faculty. This is also the graduation ceremony of the first generation of the architects and engineers - the majors with 4,5 to 5 years of training.

graduation 001In October 2001, The 3rd Graduation Ceremony for 2,481 bachelors, architects, engineers was held. The graduation gown was ordered by the school, although Van Lang's color was not really clear, it was a huge pride of the faculty.

graduation 001The 4th Graduation Ceremony is also organized for Faculty. MSc. Nguyen Cuu Hao Thanh - Former Head of Finance - Accounting Department awarded the diploma for the graduates in Finance and Banking in 2002.

graduation 001In 2003, the 5th Graduation Ceremony was officially held at Hall C001 - Campus 2 of Van Lang University (233A Phan Van Tri, Binh Thanh District, HCMC). For the first time, Van Lang University held a Graduation Ceremony at the school, ending the hiring situation. From here, major events of the School: Opening Ceremony, Graduation Ceremony, Student Activities were held at Campus 2.

graduation 001Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem attended the 6th Graduation Ceremony of the Faculty of Civil Construction and awarded the diploma to valedictorian Nguyen Tuong Ho Trung Dung at the Campus 2, April 22, 2005.

graduation 0017th Graduation Ceremony, Hall C001. Students of Commerce Faculty received diploma, Aug 12, 2005.

graduation 001In 2006, Van Lang introduced its graduation gown. The Graduation gown was designed by the Faculty of Fine Arts with the bird symbol on Van Lang drum. Each bachelor was given a hat with year of graduation printed on it

graduation 001In July, 2007, the 9th Graduation Ceremony was held at Campus 2. After many years, this is the first time that Graduation Ceremony had been held for all majors.

graduation 0012008, the 10th Graduation Ceremony was held at Campus 2. This is the first time that the "Flower Road" had been designed as a special gift on graduation day. From this day, parents were also invited to the graduation ceremony to witness these moment.

graduation 001In 2009, the National Council for Educational Quality Verification recommended the Minister of Education and Training to recognize Van Lang University for meeting the quality standards. This conclusion is based on the recognition of the strengths and weaknesses of Van Lang along with the recommendations for improvement.

The 11th Graduation Ceremony was held at Hall C001 - Campus 2. For the first time, the Ceremony had been broadcasted directly through the school's network to each parent's reception room.

graduation 001Up to 2010, the 12th graduation ceremony, Van Lang University had trained and awarded 19,808 diploma to bachelors, architects, engineers (according to the data of the Ministry of Education and Training, equal to 12% of the total training capacity of all non-public universities and colleges in Vietnam.

graduation 001The 14th graduation ceremony of Van Lang University was held at Hall C001 - Campus 2 in 2012.

graduation 001The 14th graduation ceremony of Van Lang University was held at Hall C001 - Campus 2 in 2012.

graduation 001The happiness of the graduates in the 15th Graduation Ceremony, July 2013.

graduation 001In 2014, Van Lang University held its 16th Graduation Ceremony. After 2 years of training, this was the first graduation for Master Degree. 7 new masters in Environmental Engineering are the first generation of Van Lang Masters.

graduation 001. In 2015, Van Lang University held Graduation Ceremony in June instead of July. Graduation Ceremony was held once for graduates of all faculties, 4, 4.5 and 5 years. Graduation was greatly improved with the spirit of the students, parents and the image of Van Lang.

graduation 001At the graduation ceremony in 2015, Van Lang University awarded a diploma to an architect who couldn’t have chance to attend the ceremony. Architect Nguyen Duc Huy who had successfully completed a five-year study program with good results, and passed away a month before the graduation due to illness. Van Lang would like to invite his family to receive the diploma. His friends and teachers congratulated him, knowing that he was somewhere here, in the joy and honor of that day. At that moment, everyone was moved and choked.

graduation 001Mr. Vo Van Tuan - Member of the Board of Directors - Vice Rector of Van Lang announced at the Graduation Ceremony in Jun, 2016

graduation 001In 2017, Van Lang School held the 19th Graduation Ceremony. The school awarded students diploma with Vietnamese and English transcripts placed solemnly in the Diploma folder designed by the Faculty of Industrial Design.

graduation 001In 2018, Van Lang held the 20th Graduation Ceremony, on July 14 and 15, 2015.

graduation 001

tot nghiep c 1In 2019, The students of Course 21 were held at Trinh Cong Son Hall. 

tot nghiep bThis is the first time the Van Lang's Graduation Ceremony is held at the main campus.

Looking back 22 seasons of graduation, we can see that it is gradually completed each year expressing the spirit of Van Lang. To have a perfect graduation ceremony, it takes a lot of work, effort and time of staff, lecturers of the whole school. All of that has contributed to the success during 22 years. Every time students remember about that day, they will be still living in the beautiful memories of Van Lang - the nurturing place for 20 generations of students. 


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