Tuition fee

The tuition fee policy of Van Lang University has 3 main features

bulletThe tuition fee policy is announced once since the beginning of the term.

bulletThe tuition fee stays the same during the course.

bulletBesides tuition, students do not have to pay any fee related to training activities.

Van Lang University is the first university that has built up an evident, steady tuition fee policy and kept it consistently over the past 17 years. Knowing the total fee of all course, parents and students can be well-prepared for finance without any difficulties in 4-5 years studying at school.

DH van lang hoc phi 2The happiness in the opening ceremony of the freshman – 24th term, 2018

Since 23rd term, 2017, Van Lang University has started to implement credit training system. The tuition fee of each semester can be changeable, dependent on the credit numbers of student’s registration, however, the total fee for all course (4-5 years) is fixed.

To help students and their parents easily estimate the total fee, Van Lang University always announces the average tuition fee per semester since the beginning of the course. It is in the middle of August every year, prior to the time students submit their application, to help them make decision and have a good choice.

The average tuition fee per semester, 24th term, 2018

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In addition to the evident, steady tuition fee policy, Van Lang University has supported students for some cases: Sisters and brothers studying at the same school can get 8-12 % off in each person’s fee, Tuition fee extension for those who come from low-income families, Scholarship from 10% to 100 % for every student having over 7,0 grades in studying and and 70 grades in after-school activities, Tuition fee reduction for welfare beneficiary taken from Van Lang family’s fund, Part-time jobs for students (20.000 – 25.000 dong per hour).

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