Training program

Training program framework

Van Lang University has organized a training program based on the credit system since the academic year 2017-2018. From 23rd course (enrollment in 2017), students can choose modules to enroll at the beginning of the semesters (except semester 1 with the schedule arranged by the school) at the Training Portal.

Rules and regulations on credit training, including time and plan for training, examinations, graduation exams and graduation recognition, cases of reservation of results, suspension study, violation handling, etc. are provided to students through the complimentary learning handbook.

In December 2017, Van Lang University built the Training Portal. This is a search page of important training information for Van Lang students, including exam scores, exam schedules, schedules, training programs, teaching assessments, and module registration. Each student is created a login account on the Learning Portal to look up personal information. The school also creates accounts for parents of students who can access the results of their child's education quickly.

traning program 001Students can look up training information anywhere in the campus (photo: student self-study at the Library - Headquarters 45 Nguyen Khac Nhu, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City)

One academic year at Van Lang University includes 2 semesters: semester 1 (from September) and semester 2 (from January). In addition, Van Lang offers one summer semester (in June, July, August). Each summer semester consists of 2 sessions. Programs and study time are announced by the Training Office to students in May each year. The summer semester is designed to allow students to retake / over-study, or advance a number of modules according to the department's plan, or undertake some general modules according to the credit system.

The improvement of training program

From the academic year of 2017-2018, Van Lang University has drastically improved the training program of higher education under AUN-QA standards.

  • May 5 – May 6, 2018, Workshop Recruiters and Skilled Person analyze the capacity of DACUM (Development A Curriculum) for four principles: Environmental Technology, Accounting, Design Graphics, and Business Administration.
  • May 17 – May 18, 2018, "ELO" Workshop for 3 principles: Environmental Engineering, Graphic Design and Accounting.
  • On May 19, 2015, DACUM Workshop for Biotechnology.
  • On May 23,24,25, 2018, Workshop A guide to review the structure and content of training programs for 3 principles: Environmental Technology, Graphic Design and Accounting.
  • On June 8 2018, DACUM Workshop for Interior Design.
  • On July 6 2018, DACUM Workshop for Commercial Business.
  • From 08-14 August, Summer Training on "Syllabus Design and Rubric" for 12 faculties.

In general, in the first phase, Van Lang University has implemented the accreditation of training program under AUN-QA standards in 3 fields (Environmental Engineering, Accounting, and Graphic Design) and completed self-assessment report in 2018.  The same process for the next 4 majors (Business Administration, Biotechnology, Interior Design, and Business Administration) will be conducted in 2019.

In addition, all training faculties of the school also carry out the process of reviewing the training program to meet AUN-QA testing requirements.

traning program 002DACUM Workshop on the Improvement of Training Programs in Environmental Engineering, Graphic Design, Accounting, Business Administration (5/2018)

traning program 002Lecturers from Faculty of Environmental Technology Engineering practise tabulating Subject Links - Elos (May 18, 2018)

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