Meeting the “martial arts master,” who is also a Foreign Languages student at Van Lang University

(VLU25/8/2021) – As it runs in the family, Le Thi Phuong Uyen – a junior English Linguistics student at Van Lang University, amazed others with ESL teaching experience and tons of traditional martial arts certificates.

Traditional Martial Arts Master

According to what we have learned, Le Thi Phuong Uyen started practicing Traditional Martial Arts in 2006. A year later, she began to compete for the Martial Arts team of Lam Dong province. Her father – a master in Martial Arts, was her inspiration. As she regularly came to the dojo with her father, Phuong Uyen developed a passion for Martial Arts.

vlu co giao aPhuong Uyen won the gold medal for the National Traditional Martial Arts Championship 2019

As a member of Lam Dong province’s team, Phuong Uyen competed in various regions nationwide. Thanks to the competing trips, she acquired more knowledge, enhanced her performance, and developed her interpersonal skills and passion for traveling, which was also why she decided to enroll in the English linguistics program. During her 15 years practicing Martial Arts, Phuong Uyen had won seven consecutive championships in Traditional Martial Arts. In 2020, she was injured, so she had to postpone to recover and get stronger.

The journey to the decision of studying English linguistics

As Phuong Uyen had to travel for her competition, she developed an interest in experiencing tourism and learning the local cultures of other countries. “In my final years in high school, I dreamt of visiting London – the capital of England, to enjoy the ancient atmosphere there. After months of researching and planning, I realized that language was the fundamental factor in helping me learn about the diversified cultures of other countries. It should also be a powerful tool when staying overseas. Therefore, I decided to pursue a degree in English linguistics.” – said Phuong Uyen.

vlu co giao cThe Martial Arts Master Phuong Uyen from the Faculty of English Linguistics actively participated in collective activities, study groups to improve English skills.

During her study, Uyen was always an active student who would participate in any activities the Faculty and the University held. She was aware of her weakness in vocabulary, so she mapped out an efficient study plan and got tips for upgrading her vocabulary, such as learning from her classmate, discussing with teachers, and self-studying online. Gradually, Uyen managed to acquire her own studying habit and enhance her language significantly. Starting from a vocabulary-limited student, Uyen displayed her English proficiency by a large word bank.

Vocabulary tutor

Phuong Uyen talked about the Vocabulary studying group: “During my effort in upgrading my word bank, I realized that it was necessary to acquire rich vocabulary to study a language well. Therefore, I would like to share the same knowledge by organizing classes.” Based on her experience upgrading vocabulary, Phuong Uyen spent additional four months building her lesson plans. Her first students were no one else than her little sisters. As she was inexperienced, the job was challenging, but thanks to the support from her “students,” Uyen could identify the flaws and make suitable improvements.

The vocabulary upgrading class usually lasts a month, and the students are meant to learn 1,000 new words. Her typical students were high schoolers who preferred to enhance their word banks to prepare for the University Entrance Exam. Gradually, the segments of students became more diversified, including first-year to senior students or even the workers. “Besides teaching new vocabulary, I also help the workers with their conversation skills on demands.” – said Uyen. In terms of teaching methods, Uyen immediately utilized smartphones and social networks to teaching languages via free OTT calls by Facebook and Zalo. A regular class usually lasts from 30 to 50 minutes to Uyen tends to arrange the timetable to match the learners’ schedule, enabling them to join as many classes as possible. From just one to two classes when she first started, the number of classes has now risen to 10 – 12 every day, and all of the students are satisfied.

Despite the pandemic outbreak, Phuong Uyen’s classes normally took place to help enhance her language skills and assist the learner in need during the social distancing. In conclusion, she wished the best for the lecturers and students at Van Lang University. She also hoped the pandemic would soon be under control so everyone could come back to Van Lang University to learn and develop.

Reporter: NAI LA TA

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