Chrysalis Video Competition – a trial for Foreign Languages students at Van Lang University

(VLU, 31/7/2021– Commenced on 07 June 2021 and ran for a month; the Chrysalis Video Competition had announced its champion, who was Dang Quoc Trong – PR student of course 25 (Honors program).

Recently, the pandemic outbreak prevented Van Lang students from studying on campus and switched to online learning. Therefore, the weekly sessions of Chrysalis English Club by the Faculty of Finance – Banking could not occur as planned. To offer an alternative for the students to practice their English, the Chrysalis Video Competition was organized on 07 June 2021 to create an opportunity for the students to debate and act on camera confidently.

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The works by Van Lang University should be submitted to the club email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Once the application closed, the video clips would be published on the official fanpage of the Faculty of Finance – Banking. Then there would be voting sessions based on the like and share counts. Moreover, video quality, creativity, and performance were also among the evaluating criteria.

Giving a presentation in English was nothing challenging for Van Lang students. In many submitted works, within two to five minutes, the students had to demonstrate their English proficiency in three sections: self-introduction, reasons for joining their current faculties, and most favorite things at Van Lang University.

vlu chrysalis dKim Quyen – Finance – Banking student of course 26, amazed the audiences with her impressive background as an excellent student in 12 consecutive years and the valedictorian in the high school exit examination in 2020. Moreover, Quyen also shared that Van Lang was not her first choice, yet she finally decided to join the Van Lang community to make her dream as a Financial Specialist come true.

Dang Quoc Trong – a PR student of course 25 (Honors program), had won the first prize thanks to his humorous and exciting video clip. In his video, he said: “I am impressed with Van Lang University’s students’ cultures. They are always energetic and talented in everything they work on. Van Lang University is also well-known for its PR and Communication programs; thus, I decided to study Public Relations at Van Lang University.”

Nhu Ngoc Minh – a Finance – Banking student of course 25 (Honors program), also displayed her excellence by winning the second prize. The third prize belonged to Trinh To Linh – a Finance – Banking student of course 26, and Nguyen Thien Phuc – a Finance – Banking student of course 25 (Honors program).

Chrysalis English Club, launching on 03 May 2021, was a new club, yet could offer exciting activities such as the Chrysalis Video Competition. The club is putting its all to develop and represent the colorful picture of above 50 student clubs at Van Lang University.

Reporter: My Tien

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