The Faculty of Business Administration organized the seminar on Enterprise’s change management in the new normal

(VLU31/7/2021)  On 29 and 30 July, the Faculty of Business Administration at Van Lang University had organized a seminar on “Enterprise’s change management in the new normal.” The event took place virtually on the MS Teams platform and welcomed 160 participating students.

The seminar on “Enterprise’s change management in the new normal” was a part of the Organizational Change Management course for course 24 students lectured by MA. Pham Thien Vu. The online course embraced the discussion with speakers, who were line managers. MA. Pham Thien Vu said that the new lecturing method received positive feedback in all classes she lectured.

vlu quan tri doanh nghiep bThe two seminars took place in a dynamic atmosphere with the enthusiastic participation of all Ms. Thien Vu’s students.

The seminar on “Enterprise’s change management in the new normal” welcomed two guest speakers – Mr. Ha Trong Kha Vinh – Director of VANTAY Decor and Mr. Nguyen Cong Lam – Director of An Van Thinh Food.

Feeling and reacting to adapt with the surrounding

It was Mr. Ha Trong Kha Vinh’s message during his speech. As a valedictorian of the Interior Design major at the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City, he had his first six years working for many enterprises without satisfaction. Thus, he decided to start up with Vantay Décor, a company specializing in interior design and work.

vlu quan tri doanh nghiep d

Looking back at his decisions, Mr. Kha Vinh stated: “It was such a risky move, but it was also an opportunity to challenge myself in a new field of business – business owner and management. Although management was not my strength, I gained great experience by building up my business. Therefore, I could come up with necessary modifications to the strategies and operations.”

As a piece of advice for senior students, Mr. Kha Vinh especially emphasized the definition of feeling and reacting. It is necessary to feel the company’s cultures and the internal and external factors influencing its development, thus coming up with suitable reactions and countermeasures to adapt to the current changes. What the students learned from their current jobs should be the foundation for their start-up careers later. Thanks to those skills, Vantay Décor, which changed to a new working model, still operated steadily and even outperformed with or without the pandemic outbreak – said Mr. Kha Vinh.

We map out our future by our working attitudes

vlu quan tri doanh nghiep c

Mr. Nguyen Cong Lam said that before he founded An Van Thinh Food, he was the Sales Director for two famous brands: Coca-Cola and Nestlé. “When I worked for Coca-Cola, I found it difficult to make contact with strangers. It was not suitable for my career, so I assumed that changes were necessary and asked how to overcome my limits. After a week, I became more open. From a fresh graduate student, I was considered for the Sales Director for Coca-Cola’s southeastern region after less than six months.”

By changing from Sales to Food Manufacturing and Export, Mr. Cong Lam ran into various difficulties since he had no experience in the field. Thanks to his efforts to observe and study from the experts, he had successfully made An Van Thinh an international export company. Currently, the company manufactures and exports food to markets such as European countries, the USA, Australia and has representative offices in those countries.

Student Hong Nhat Thuy asked: “For recruitment, is experience, attitude, or certification matter?” Mr. Cong Lam stated: “All of them matter. However, there will be prioritizing order. Of which, attitude is the first criteria: know to listen, share and study. When your attitude is satisfied, learning abilities come next, which help you acquire the necessary experience and methods to work effectively and upgrade your skills. We map out our future by our working attitudes because all enterprises need active and studious individuals. Besides, foreign languages and computer skills are also the key elements to be successful in a digital era.”

In addition, in the two seminars, the guest speakers also explained many other matters such as the career in Civil Design and Sales position at multinational companies, start-up matters, the challenges and opportunities for business amid the pandemic outbreak, customer and company’s cultures. The discussions had provided practical experience and knowledge to BA students for their future careers.


Reporter: My Tien

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