Launching the Green Summer 2021 Campaign

(VLU22/8/2021– On the evening of 10 August 2021, “the boarding pass” to the Green Summer 2021 was distributed to commence a new journey for the Youth to spread positive energy to the community.

Although it took place during the social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when VLU students had to attend online classes, the Green Summer 2021 still got it fire. The announcement launched on the evening of 10 August 2021 had received enormous attention from VLU students.

Green Summer 2021 was illustrated by a “Green Train,” representing the straightforward power to overcome challenges and the unity among students to create the great potential to support the community.

vlu mhx d

The conduction of the Green Summer 2021 was unique compared to that of the previous years. This year’s campaign would not divide the members into teams. Once the students register, they should keep track of the information on VLU’s student union’s Fan page to get the specification of the different activities and attend any of them. The title “Fighter” or “Outstanding Fighter” would be considered based on the participated activities.

The five major teams of the Green Summer 2021 consisted of:

  • Environment
  • Painting and Drawing
  • Social and Voluntary Performance Skills
  • Voluntary Youth
  • Communication

If the students participated in the “Green Train,” they could receive the title “Fighter” or “Outstanding Fighter” once they complete a third and two-thirds of the total number of activities of the campaign. Besides, the student would also receive conducting bonus based on their participation.

For the first station of the “Green Summer 2021” journey – Environment, the fighters had to take seven living-green days (from 16 to 22 August) and posted either images or video clips with a provided hashtag.

  • Day 1 (16 August 2021): Living with trees
  • Day 2 (17 August 2021): Recycling things
  • Day 3 (18 August 2021): Tidying for happiness
  • Day 4 (19 August 2021): Eating healthy
  • Day 5 (20 August 2021): Looking back at the tree
  • Day 6 and 7 (21 and 22 August 2021): Drawing the message for environmental protection

vlu mhx bThe “Seven Living-Green Days” in the Environmental Station should bring joy and positive messages related to the environment and life.

vlu mhx cVLU’s Youth greenified Facebook with “Living with tree” activities.

Many disposable things were recycled for a green life. Noodle containers, carton boxes, bottle lids, newspaper, old garments were magically turned into unique and trendy pen holders, cosmetic boxes, earrings, paper fans, shoulder bags.

vlu goi qua aTran Thi Bao Tran – a Fine Arts and Design student, turned old boxes and book covers into a pretty gift box for her best friend.

vlu mhx eA vase made of facemask and plastic bottle made by Kim Sung – a Logistics and SCM student

vlu mhx a minThe message “joining hands to battle off the pandemic” was illustrated in a VLU student drawing.

The Green Summer 2021 journey has just begun; more exciting activities are still ahead in the following stations. Students will be challenged for their endurance, will, and creativity through online communication activities, which should archive memorable moments of a “stay-at-home Green Summer” for VLU students.

Reporter: My Tien

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