Q-family class: sales thinking for HR experts

(VLU, 23/8/2021– On the afternoon of 18 August 2021, the division of HR management under the Faculty of Business Administration had organized the talkshow on “Sales thinking for HR experts” and welcomed 86 participating students. The event was hosted by Speaker Nguyen Thuy Van – HR Director of Hung Vuong Saigon Development Investment JSC and Dr. Tran Duc Tai – Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration at Van Lang University.

The talkshow was a part of the networking series among the students, enterprises, and experts of Van Lang University. This activity aimed to provide hands-on experience, up-to-date knowledge, and student orientation. Speaker Nguyen Thuy Van was a familiar name for BA students since she had often collaborated with the HR management lecturers to provide in-depth learning sessions in the HR field.

vlu talkshow tu duy sales cua nguoi lam nhan su aThe talkshow welcomed more than 80 BA students at Van Lang University

By comparing the traditional and strategic HR managing models, speaker Nguyen Thuy Van had proved that sales thinking is among the key elements to help HR experts develop their career paths. It is an essence, which is highly evaluated and invested in HR fields by big companies.

“Sale thinking” is not understandable as regular “selling” activities but including the sales of one’s knowledge and skills. The speaker said that an outstanding HR staff was a person with solid knowledge in administrations and good performance and the one to carry out analysis based on the figures, human; and propose strategic plans, connect the workers to the company, and provide precious consultation for the business owner.

vlu talkshow tu duy sales cua nguoi lam nhan su bSpeaker Nguyen Thuy Van provided practical knowledge to VLU students in a friendly atmosphere.

In the talkshow, Speaker Nguyen Thuy Van and Dr. Tran Duc Tai had discussed the career specification and career progression plan for a Human Resource Business Partner (HRBP) at modern companies. Accordingly, it could be said that HRBP is the one with specialized skills in HR, well-rounded knowledge in business, and a vision to become a partner of other departments to work on the overall business strategy for the company.

vlu talkshow tu duy sales cua nguoi lam nhan su cNguyen Hoang Tu Trinh asked the speakers about the differences between the career progression plan of an HR communication staff and an HRBP.

In the same talkshow, VLU students had proposed many questions such as the differences between HR communication and HRBP, how to create competitive advantages to attract bright applicants, and solutions for HR during the Covid-19 pandemic. Some students even shared their personal experience as an HR staff, the case studies based on the practical approach.  All the inquires were detailedly explained and provided with solutions by the speakers. Thanks to the open and friendly discussion among lecturers, students, and speakers, the students were able to get more solid knowledge in career orientation and a deeper understanding of HR management.

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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