Experts sharing the stories of the fields: Leadership and the Account Management Stories

(VLU, 29/8/2021) – On the morning of 25 August 2021, as a part of the “Client Management” course, the senior PR students had attended the webinar on “Leadership and Account Management Studies.” The event offered the opportunities to engage a well-rounded approach and the actual career requirement of the Account Management profession. This activity helped prepare the student for the upcoming career path.

As a part of the “Client Management” course lectured by MA. Nguyen Do Doan Hanh and MA. Nguyen Hoang Lan, the webinar on “Leadership and Account Management Stories” aimed to help the students engage the Account Management profession. It could be said that Account Management was not an unfamiliar career for students interested in a position in agencies. However, not everyone owned an overall understanding and required skills for this career path. Therefore, “Client Management” is a course to help PR students to acquire knowledge of such a specific title in the agencies.

With the stories from her 12 years of experience in Communication and Marketing, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Tram – CEO of OMC Marketing Company, had provided the students with informative and hands-on perspectives on the scope of work of an Account Manager and the applicable leadership in general communication and account management.

vlu webinar kha nang lanh dao va nghe account a

As a bridge between the agency and client, an account manager is a connecting link to work with the creative team to guarantee a respective branding as the client’s demand and balance the agency’s creativity. It was a person that worked with various departments to complete a project. In easy words, an Account Manager is like an octopus with its tentacles hidden under the sea and carries all the burden of running all relevant tasks. To help the students learn to deal with different types of people as a professional account manager, Ms. Tran suggested a working model – DISC to help the students apply to their career and their daily lives.

vlu webinar kha nang lanh dao va nghe account bThe DISC tool helps the account manager to categorize the people in personality straits, “read” their minds and choose the efficient method of approach

DISC is a tool to help determine a person’s personality at a specific time by observing their behaviors. According to DISC’s theory, people should be among the four personality groups: D – Dominance, I – Influence, S – Steadiness, and C - Compliance. It is a simple yet effective tool to assist the enterprise in various aspects. The application of the DISC tool should partly help an Account Manager successfully fulfill their duties thanks to the “reading,” adaptive and harmonizing skills to work with various types of people while working.

On the other hand, as a specific career requirement, an Account Manager needs to acquire leadership skills. It is essential to promote teamwork to achieve common goals. In every profession, good leadership skills should help guide the team on a particular strategy to succeed and satisfy the enterprise’s demands. Ms. Tram said that before you pursue a line manager career in Account Management, leadership skill is crucial and you could start by managing your personal life. When you work, leadership skills combine various capabilities such as decision-making, problem-solving, plan-making, time-managing, communicating, presenting, work-allocating, process-managing, and rallying skills.

vlu webinar kha nang lanh dao va nghe accountMs. Bich Tram talked about the importance of leadership skills for students who aimed for higher positions in communication and account management.

Nguyen Que Tran – a senior PR student, said: “I have acquired very informative knowledge, which is appliable for my future career. I even get many advice and examples of leadership, self, and organizational orientation. Besides, I find the DISC model very exciting and suitable to read and anticipate other people’s minds. It should help me to realize their strengths and weakness, which allows me to allocate workload and anticipate other people’s behaviors.

Amid the pandemic outbreak, although the physical classes could not happen, the PR lecturers of Van Lang University tried their best to deliver the knowledge to the students in various interactive teaching methods. We hope that this webinar should provide the senior PR students with another career path and help them decide their most suitable position.

Reporter: Phung Le Van
PR student of course 24

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