QUARANTINE PLAYLIST – Home Concert series by Van Lang Guitar Club

(VLU, 14/8/2021) - In August 2021, Van Lang Guitar Club officially returned with the QUARANTINE PLAYLIST – a unique home concert series themed in cheerful music dedicated to the Van Lang community during the social distancing.

As a university’s club well-known for its exciting activities, Van Lang Guitar Club always provides positive energy for Van Lang’s student community while studying at the University. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Ho Chi Minh City, all regular musical activities and concerts were canceled during the previous two months.

The activity aimed to create positive energy, radiate the passions to the current students during the social distancing, and welcome new members to the VLU family. To commence the event, the directing board of Van Lang Guitar Club has displayed the Quarantine Playlist – a Home Concert Series including 21 random matches of diversifying and amazing covered acoustic clips.

vlu clb guitar va concert online quarantine playlist c

Duong Van Cuong – a member of Van Lang Guitar Club, said: “We hope the activity could become a meaningful act for new students of course 27. Thanks to the unique welcoming activities by both the University and the clubs, the freshmen shall engage the happiness, friendliness, and enthusiasm of the Van Lang community even during the social distancing when they could not attend the classes physically.”

vlu clb guitar va concert online quarantine playlist bThe covered acoustic video clips performed by the members of Van Lang Guitar Club.

Cuong explained that the making of those matching video clips initially ran into many setbacks because not all the members were tech-savvy. Sometimes, the products did not meet the required audio quality, so we had to retake and edit many times to produce high-quality work. In contrast, thanks to the process, we were able to learn new skills. Therefore, recording and editing were not a barrier for the club members anymore.

vlu clb guitar va concert online quarantine playlist aThe song “Sad Social Distancing” by Nguyen Huong - a parody song of “Love you quite a lot,” with a humorous intro, had significantly received positive feedback from the online audiences.

After four matching sessions, the QUARANTINE PLAYLIST had received positive feedback from the followers and was among the most wanted weekly activities of Van Lang students. To listen to favorite songs by the performance of familiar students was an exciting experience for VLU students during the social distancing. We hope that Van Lang Guitar Club’s cheerful, optimistic, and adaptive spirits should become a source of positive energy for the community and help the freshmen of course 27 get used to and blend in with the big VLU family.

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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