Online Workshop: Marketing industry, what opportunities for Gen Z?

(VLU, 03/8/2021- On July 31, 2021, Faculty of Commerce held an online seminar "Marketing industry, what opportunities for gen Z?", one of the most shared topics about Marketing.

The seminar was an interesting session around Marketing, learning knowledge and sharing experiences of speaker Vo Thai Thao - a former student of Public Relations at Van Lang University. It is known that she is currently the Co-founder, CMO of - one of the platforms specializing in researching and designing minigames to apply and increase efficiency for marketing.

vlu hoi thao co hoi nao cho gen z bOnline seminar of speaker Vo Thai Thao - alumnus of Public Relations of Van Lang University with students of Gen Z.

Coming to the seminar, students can better understand the practical knowledge of the Marketing industry; learn the intimate relationship between the Agency and the Client; Learn the important factors to become a marketer. The speaker also spent time helping students answer questions and share their experiences, search methods, and knowledge in the field of Marketing.

During the discussion, from the perspective of students, countless keywords were mentioned to visualize marketing such as "approach", "process", "bridge", "profit", "customer", potential". Most students define marketing as the job of running ads on Facebook, but the speaker said that such definitions are just a small idea in marketing. Marketing is the process of activities in which we say what the product / service has in a way that is easy to understand, interesting and creative.

vlu hoi thao co hoi nao cho gen z cStudents together participated in answering and commenting enthusiastically with questions on marketing topics.

Running Facebook Ads is just a short-term campaign, we can't run it from now until the end of the product's life cycle. It is not wrong to find customers for the product, but if you want to do better, stand in the position of the customer to see what problems they are having and find a product / service to solve the current or upcoming need. Marketing is so vast, it requires developing many more things on the inside.” Ms. Vo Thai Thao expressed her views.

The term FWB - Friend With Benefit is also included in the discussion in the relationship between the Agency and the Client. FWB is one of the terms that denotes a relationship that provides material benefits or spiritual benefits and ends only when either party feels that it is no longer beneficial or one of them has a higher need than the other party can provide.

Currently in the Vietnamese market, agencies are in a rich position with many small areas. Creative agencies will be different from agencies that only specialize in digital, so students will have more opportunities in other types of agencies such as: production, content, etc. In every company, corporate culture will sometimes create barriers in work, so always experiment and find a way to adapt yourself.

vlu hoi thao co hoi nao cho gen z dDepending on the size and type of the business that the agent targeted, the agency structure system will have different classifications.

To become a Marketer, professional knowledge, experience and soft skills are indispensable. With 10 years of experience working in many companies and in many different positions, Ms. Vo Thai Thao shared: “Teamwork skill is one of the best skills. Besides, improve your office skills and computer skills while you are still studying. Don't be afraid of how bad our communication skills are, communication skill is not about how much you talk but when you can express exactly what you need to say.”

She also emphasized that professional knowledge, in addition to the learning process, are things that can be continued to learn from work later. For those who don't know where to start, Gen Z can take the initiative to learn, and ask for guidance from the previous seniors. At the same time, students can also turn themselves into another instructor for their juniors or friends, the process of sharing knowledge is also a way for themselves to learn more new things.

vlu hoi thao co hoi nao cho gen z eTop 4 good books that students can try to learn more about marketing topics and stories.

As part of the workshop, students also participated in mini-games with a series of challenging questions "jumping numbers" to measure their agility and catch trends. The seminar not only provided the most realistic view of a marketer’s work but also an opportunity for Gen Z to start learning about Marketing in the Vietnamese market.

Reporter: Mai Thy

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