Applying technology in human resource management - optimal management solutions in the digital age

(VLU22/8/2021- On the morning of August 17, 2021, the Faculty of Business Administration held a seminar "Application of technology in human resource management". Within the framework of the module "Effective Management and Remuneration", the workshop is open to all students of the Faculty, in order to provide an overview of the application of technology in the field of resource management in general and effective management and remuneration in particular.

Today, technology is constantly developing and being applied in all aspects of life, economy, and society. The application of technology in human resource management has also become an inevitable trend. With an online format, the seminar "Application of technology in human resource management" brought knowledge and practical experience to students through a practical, multi-dimensional perspective from businesses and software design companies in human resource management by application of technology.

Speaking at the program, Dr. Vu Minh Hieu - Head of Human Resource Management, representing the Faculty's leadership, shared about the importance of technology application in human resource management, as well as the practicality when students can have perspectives from businesses and software design companies - technology solutions.

vlu hoi thao ung dung cong nghe trong quan tri nhan su cWorkshop "Application of technology in human resource management" within the framework of the module "Effective management and remuneration"

The seminar was attended and shared from businesses:

  • Mr. Pham Duc Dat - Deputy General Director of Southern Tien Phong Plastic Company
  • Ms. Nguyen Thi Quynh Dung - Managing Director of Sapphire Vietnam Company
  • Mr. Nguyen Van Thin - Director of LeanTek

With 3 guests, the seminar discussed 3 key issues including:

  • Technology trends in the field of human resource management.
  • Technology solutions in human resource management from the perspective of the software solution designer and the business perspective.
  • Integrating technology solutions in human resource management with other areas of business activities: business, accounting, purchasing, etc

vlu hoi thao ung dung cong nghe trong quan tri nhan su aThe speakers in turn shared with Van Lang students around 3 main topics about applying technology in human resource management.

In the 4.0 era with the development of technology, the speakers said that the application of technology in management in general and human resource management in particular is indispensable. Although the demand is not too urgent for multinational enterprises and large corporations when there is support and investment from the parent company, for about 90% of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, the application of technology in management can help businesses operate more effectively when providing a perspective for business managers from numbers, making better decisions. Specifically, with the trend of technology and digitization of human resource management, the requirements of technology are highly demanded when the data needs accuracy, timely update, completeness and transparency; improving the process of creating results, enterprises gradually turn to talent management in addition to human resource management.

vlu hoi thao ung dung cong nghe trong quan tri nhan su b

In addition to sharing knowledge and practical perspectives from businesses and human resource management software solutions companies, the seminar also had an extremely lively discussion. Students took a multi-dimensional approach, actively asked questions and expressed opinions, thereby better understanding new software technologies in human resource management. When social trends are constantly changing, students also learn how to adapt and get ahead of changes when entering the practical environment after graduation, updating the skills and knowledge requirements of a HR Management Specialist in the future.

The seminar also brought good news for students majoring in Human Resource Management at Van Lang University. Thanks to the support of the speakers, in the upcoming semester, the Faculty's students will be able to practice applying technology on the simulation software version HC360 of Leantek company.

MSc. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, lecturer of the course "Effective Management and Remuneration", and the organizer of the seminar, promised to continue organizing more practical activities in conjunction with businesses, creating more opportunities for students to develop professional knowledge and skills to prepare for future jobs.

Phung Le Van
Student (Course 24) in Public Relations

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