Race to PR - Jet race in 2021

(VLU, 05/8/2021- With the desire to help students improve their health during the period of social distancing, from July 26 to August 2, the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication organized a contest Healthy students 2021 - Race to PR, an online playground in the form of video.

RACE to PR - Jet race is a model of the Healthy Student contest in an online form organized by the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication, with the aim of exercising physical health and bringing a joyful spirit, refreshing for students.

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According to the contest rules, the "Fighters" only need to make 01 video clip with 04 movements: running, clapping, raising thighs, heels touching butt and the main movement on the available music, speeding up step by step.

Participating in the contest, fighters have the opportunity to receive some attractive benefits:

  • The total prize value is up to 2,000,000 VND for the 10 most successful people who finish the race.
  • Add training points in section 3.4 according to the evaluation criteria of the Dean of the Faculty.
  • The certificate of "Healthy Student 2021".
  • Consider the title of "Student of 5 good" in the criterion of "Good fitness".
  • Opportunity to receive more attractive gifts from the Organizing Committee.

The valid products sent to the organizer were posted on the Faculty of Public Relations and Communication Fanpage and voted and accumulated points based on the number of react and share times, with each turn equivalent to 1 point.

Many exciting video clips of the "Fighters" have been posted on their personal Facebook pages, strongly conveying energy and positive messages to the students of the Faculty of PR in particular and Van Lang students in general. After many days of voting, the final Top 10 has been announced:

  • Nguyen Tan Phat - Course 26
  • Van Cong Chien - Course 26
  • Nguyen Le Thanh Ha - Course 26
  • Ngo Nguyet Ha - Course 25
  • Nguyen Ngoc Minh - Course 25
  • Do Thi Hong Minh - Course 26
  • Giang Kim Ngoc Phu - Course 26
  • Nguyen Thi Hong Anh - Course 26
  • Tran Minh Phat - Course 25
  • Truong Le Quynh Anh - Course 25

vlu race pr giai nhat

With a total score of 412 votes, student Nguyen Tan Phat, Course 26 of the Faculty of Public Relations - Communication won first prize. Tan Phat said, “The contest has given me an opportunity to self-regulate my living habits, live healthier than before. In the period of social distancing, in order to improve health, everyone should practice sports."

Reporter: My Tien

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