Honors Training Program organizes online seminar for freshmen of course 27

(VLU, 01/8/2021) -  In two days 24 and 31 July, 2021, the Honors Training Program of Van Lang University organized 2 Online seminars for new students of Course 27 with subject ENTERING UNIVERSITY, DON'T JUST LEARN TO GET BY and BE SCHOLARSHIPS HUNTER.

In 2021, in order to help candidates when entering the university, the Honors Program organized 2 online seminars with 2 useful topics for new students with the participation of new students,  Ms. Lam Bich Nghi - in charge of Student Affairs and guests are students of courses 24, 25, 26 who are studying in the Honors Training Program of Van Lang University. Seminars took place online on the ZOOM application and was broadcast live on the VLU - Honors Program fanpage.

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With the theme "Entering university, don't just learn to get by", the seminar was held on the morning of July 24, 2021 with the guest being Nguyen Duc Hau - a student of the 24th course of the Honors Training Program in Travel and Tourism Management, also the ambassador of the Honors Training Program 2019.

With this topic, new students and guests shared about the difference between high school and university, where to get knowledge to learn, the teaching method of teachers in high school and lecturers in university, the purpose of the study and goals in high school and goals when you go to university, etc.

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Ms. Lam Bich Nghi - the student affairs officer of the Honors Training Program also shared with the freshmen of Course 27 two important skills when studying at university, which are public speaking skills and team work skills, helping new students be more active in their learning.

At the seminar, Nguyen Duc Hau enthusiastically shared "tips" when studying at university with juniors. Hau shared that in order to be able to study English well, he has made a habit of getting up at 4:30 am to start learning vocabulary, because this is the time when the mind is most comfortable and alert to absorb knowledge.


Coming to the second seminar (July 31, 2021), the Honors Training Program brought an interesting topic: "Scholarships Hunter", with the participation of 3 guests - 3 "warrior" hunting for excellent scholarships: Pham Thi Ngoc Duy - a student of course 24 of Tourism and Travel Management, 5 times won 50% scholarships and 100% scholarships in the last semester; Mr. Do Manh Hung – a student of class 26 in Graphic Design, won 50% Admission Scholarship and 50% Study Promotion Scholarship in the last semester; Dang Vo Nhat Minh - a student of course 24 of Tourism and Travel Management, successfully achieved 100% scholarship twice.

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To help new students understand better about the scholarship of the Honors Training Program at Van Lang University, Ms. Lam Bich Nghi shared about the Admission Scholarship for new students and the Study Encouragement Scholarship for current students who are studying Honors training program, along with policies and conditions for scholarship of each type.

In addition, the guests also took turns sharing their experiences during their study at the University to "hunt" valuable scholarships, helping new students have more motivation to become "warriors" of scholarship hunting in the future.

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The Honors Program, implemented by Van Lang University since 2018, provides learners with skills and thinking to explore, position themselves, and adapt to the new standards of the global integration. This is an option for candidates who want to enhance their experience, their foreign language ability, and their ability to adapt to situations and challenges of the labor market.

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