Ngoc Hieu - overcoming adversity to the university amphitheater

The sequel of a dangerous fever at the age of 2 swept away many hopes and dreams about Hieu's future. But not living in the inferiority of the past, Hieu chose to ignore and bring to everyone around her a feeling of joy. It is Hieu's "small miracle" that inspires friends about a positive life.

vlu ngoc hieu vuot nghich canh den giang duong a

Tang Ngoc Hieu

  • Student of Course 25 of Faculty of Foreign Languages
  • Hometown: Ca Mau Province

"When I was 8 years old, seeing my friends having fun, lining up to salute the flag while I couldn't do anything, I just wanted to go home immediately because I felt self-pity so much,". Ngoc Hieu told about the sequel of the fever in her childhood. The 2-year-old girl at that time had to undergo surgery and physical therapy to restore her limbs.

The 12-year life of going to school in his hometown of Ca Mau is not easy. Her feet do not run and dance, act like her peers, Hieu lives alone, always feels confident and doesn't have many friends.

On the threshold of university, Hieu determined to pursue Faculty of Foreign Languages at Van Lang University. A new journey opens up, not as you fear, but is full of positive things.

“Van Lang students consider her as an ordinary person”

Before entering school, Hieu used to be worry that he would be isolated. “I think a lot. But my friends at university saw me as an ordinary person and were very supportive, I am very grateful and feel lucky about that,” Hieu said.

At the beginning of the first year, everything was quite difficult. Fortunately, around Hieu still has the love of friends. The time when the school's elevator was not completed, every day a friend carried Hieu from the hall to class, sometimes even carried you up to 5 floors of stairs. Now as a matter of course, the friends often carry Hieu to the chair and always pull the chair to help when she enters the class.

In the first year of university, her mother was the one to pick up and support Hieu's activities. Entering the second year, Hieu got used to the living environment and wanted to be more independent, so his mother went back to his hometown to take care of the house, Hieu lived in a private dormitory and moved to school by motorbike. It usually takes about an hour to commute from home to school.

vlu ngoc hieu vuot nghich canh den giang duong aNgoc Hieu at the Opening Ceremony for the 25th class of Van Lang University.

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When going to school, the security guard will help carry Hieu from the motorbike to the wheelchair. Hieu touchedly shared about the hearts of her friends and the feelings of Van Lang's teachers and staff: "The security guards at the school are very enthusiastic, always help me when I move. The teachers always give me a lot of special attention. Once, Ms. Ngo Nhat Phuong Quynh, a lecturer of Reading 1 waited until she was present in the class to start the lesson. I really appreciate it and will always remember it.”

Become independent to assert herself

Hieu often spends her free time listening to music and learning more about IELTS to supplement her professional knowledge. The good habits help her both entertain and cultivate knowledge for herself in the future. For Hieu, music not only gives you a positive influence on her thoughts and lifestyle, but also motivates Hieu to overcome times when she wants to fall.

Although it was difficult to move, Hieu actively participated in student activities at Van Lang School in general and the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​in particular. Hieu pays special attention to FOLA club events, Faculty's featured programs and many school activities.

vlu ngoc hieu vuot nghich canh den giang duong bNgoc Hieu met her idol Truc Nhan in the Opening Ceremony of the 25th class students

Hieu shared, one of the best memories in Van Lang is probably the day she attended the Opening Ceremony of Course 25th. Here she had the opportunity to interact with singer Truc Nhan and meet her idol at about very close distance.

Another close friend is always by her side to share and encourage Hieu when facing difficulties, helping her no longer feel lonely and lost when living away from family or having lunch together, supportting to push Hieu to class and help her in studies. All are beautiful memories at Van Lang that Hieu can't forget. "Everybody cares about us, just keep trying with confidence, everything will be better", Hieu told herself.


Ngoc Hieu is not the only "special" case at Van Lang University. Many generations of students with physical disabilities have learned and grown up from the Van Lang University. Van Lang has the dedicated computer systems, voice-to-text machines, the psychological counseling room, the wheelchair ramps, the restrooms for the disabled and so on to ensure learning opportunities for a wide range of students. Hopefully, with the investment of Van Lang University and the help of lecturers, every student in any situation can pursue a learning path and become a more perfect version of who they were yesterday.

Reporter: Kim Tuyen
Student of Public Relations

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