Learning practice at home – it is thought not fun, but finally is unstunning fun

(VLU04/8/2021) - In July, the Faculty of Dentistry shipped without fee textbooks and learning tools to Course 26 students to start learning the "Dental Anatomy" practical subject. As of July 23, 2021, at home, we have learned 3 practice sessions of Wax-up through online form. Every practice time, the students can't avoid the irony, the times when your blood boils because of doing something wrong. Yet still be "stiff" and eagerly waiting to learn and be "wrong" again.


To start practicing at home, our K26 students of the Faculty of Dentistry excitedly waited for the "toy" to arrive. The first thought popped up in students’ mind is that “I’m finally free of soap sculpting teeth!”. In the past, I also studied a few videos about learning Wax-up on Youtube, so the day I hold the kit from the Faculty in my hand, I was very excited.  I would like to thank Faculty of Dentistry’s teachers for their dedication so that students can have the best practice conditions even during difficult times of the epidemic.

lop hoc thuc hanh rang ham mat fPractical tools for student

Our “toy” set includes jaw models, sculpting wax, plaster crowns and PKT sculpting kits. It sounds great too! Just call them toys, but we have to cherish a lot! In addition, we also equipped ourselves with alcohol lamps and 90 degrees alcohol to practice.


The subject is guided by Ms. Tran Thi Nguyen Ny. Every time going to class, she also graciously inquired about students' health. We were introduced by her to use the tool and manipulate the basic steps in the practice process. Although there were occasional technical problems, the lesson went very well. Personally, I had to stop halfway because I messed up and had to start over while my friends continued to do the next steps.

For me, "dental anatomy" is a subject that requires imagination and skillful manipulation. A boy who is not very skillful like me, is struggled right from the first lesson. I made small wax to create basic edges, wax tips and shape the chewing surface of 14th teeth. After working hard all night, I got the first finished product. Although this is not the best assignment, I am still very happy because Ms. Ny and Mr. Tien have recognized and encouraged me. The important thing is that we have mastered in some techniques so that the next practice sessions can do better.

lop hoc thuc hanh rang ham mat aThis is the result of my first lesson.

lop hoc thuc hanh rang ham mat b

In next lessons, I was still slower than everyone else, but improved more than the first time. In the process, I was burned a lot beacause of sometimes accidentally touching a heated tool, sometimes letting molten wax pour into my hand. There was a practice session, I got burned 4-5 times. I can't count how many times I have to stand up and complain. My injuries are full but looking at the results, I feel happy and satisfied.

lop hoc thuc hanh rang ham mat c

During our time at the School, we were used to studying in a fully equipped Lab room, which is  equipped with modern learning tools. While studying at home during the epidemic season, even buying alcohol or alcohol lamps is difficult for a student in the quarantine area. Learning through computer screen is also more intense when not directly seeing the teacher's operation. We have to both see and visualize the operation from all angles. Sometimes I think the product is beautiful, but in fact, I am wrong with a few small details.

However, online learning also has its own interesting features! We experienced a new way of learning, and exercised more initiative. Time and space at home also helps me feel comfortable and natural.

Although I have only taken three lessons, I have many good memories with the practical application of Dental Surgery. We hope that the teachers of the Faculty of Dentistry are always enthusiastic and stay healthy to accompany us. I will try to make more complete and beautiful baby teeth.


Phan Nguyen Nhat Thinh
Student Course 26 - Faculty of Dentistry

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