Ten-month internship in Israel of Biotechnology student

Nguyen Dang Phuong Linh

3rd year student in Biotechnology

Specialization in High-Tech Agriculture

Phuong Linh is currently the only VLU student to practice in Israel in the internship program for the 2020-2021 academic year. Always having a unique thought about everything, Phuong Linh believes that she should choose a necessary ology for the time, and is attracted by "a dry but potential industry" - Biotechnology.

ISRAEL – The first dream internship

Right from the first year of university, Linh has always been interested in the Internship Program of Van Lang University in collaboration with Oleco Company held in Israel. She shared: “Because I am Catholic, Israel is a very special place and I would love to come here.” In the third year, Linh did not hesitate to register for the internship list after the faculty announced it.

After searching with and contacting experienced people to inquire, being supported by lecturers of the Faculty of Technology, then successfully interviewed, on September 25, 2020, Linh came to Israel and started her internship at the AICAT Center at Farm 86 Ori Porat, Arava, Southern Israel.

The first period of her internship was also when the Covid-19 epidemic began to break out in many countries. The international community was worried and alarmed. Although the internship took place during the epidemic season in Israel, Linh feels that she is very lucky. Within the first 3 months, she was vaccinated completely free of charge funded by the Government.

The internship is also a "Learning by doing" program, so besides working, Linh spends one day a week for studying. Visualizing her work, Phuong Linh did not hesitate to compare herself to "a genuine farmer". Linh both learns and works through working on the farm every day, going from the first stages of planting seeds to caring for and harvesting for each crop. In addition to work at the farm, Linh participates in the packaging process at the factory, tracking finished product to final steps.

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Being studied and experienced directly in Israel, a high-tech agricultural powerful countr, helps Linh have a larger view in her field. One of the impression for Linh here is the Israeli drip irrigation system. Linh told: “This system is very famous and also quite expensive, extremely suitable for Israel when more than half of their country is desert. And I have to admit that it is really difficult to install an effective system.”

Experience is the most precious thing

Phuong Linh was the only VLU student to practice in Israel in 2020 and also the youngest member when living with students from many other countries. However, with a sociable and well-spoken personality, Linh is proud that she has integrated well so far.

While studying in Vietnam, Phuong Linh established her own financial resources by doing part-time jobs in her first year of university. Her jobs required using English at that time that helped Linh not feel pressured to communicate during her internship and living in Israel. She believes that previous knowledge and learning process at Van Lang has been comprehensive and quite sufficient, so when embarking in actual work, they support her internship, reduce pressure a lot and help Linh make sure everything is under control.

Despite of being confident in work, Phuong Linh has to admit that she is just a "little princess" of her parents. Living away from home for the first time, Linh shared: "When I was at home, I rarely cook and do laundry, but when I lived here alone, I had to do everything by myself. Such daily experiences are also a form of learning for me.”

Internship period in Israel is from at least 10 months to nearly 1 year. With a long time spent, Linh thinks that makes her more independent and strong. With new and rich experiences, she said: "later, if I want to learn more deeply or make a topic, I can rely on these practical experiences". In addition to her working, in her free time, she also creates her own trips to learn more about Israeli culture and people.

Up to now, Linh's internship program has almost ended, in this August or September, if nothing hinders, she will return to Van Lang and continue to complete her study program. Phuong Linh shared, “Biotechnology is a broad field, so studying all the time is still not enough. With Linh, future plans are subject to change. However, this internship made me realize that I still wants to learn more, not only in this discpline or only in Israel but also other specialized knowledge, other countries." . Hopefully Phuong Linh's internship trip will end well and you will always be successful in your own plans.

* Every year, Van Lang University offers internships on High-Tech Agriculture and Biotechnology in Israel for students of Faculty of Technology under the agreement on cooperation in training and agricultural practice between Van Lang University and Oleco Company (Israel Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) or in countries with advanced agriculture such as Japan, Australia, Taiwan, etc.

thuc tap israel aPhuong Linh learns about people and culture in Israel.

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Reporter: Mai Thy

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