Start-up from the old clothes, VLU students conquer start-up contest “Sailing 20”

(VLU, 04/8/2021– These items may be old to you but become valuable and fashionable when they’re passed to someone else. That is the message which the "Liberating the wardrobe with just one touch" project of the NFO team brings to. The excellent project overcame thirty teams to win the first prize of the contest "Start-up Ideas 2021 - Theme: Sailing 20", which will be hold the final on July 10, 2021.

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Before the competition, five young people from Course 24 of Business Administration including Ngoc Nga, Ngoc Quynh, Nguyet Thu, Gia Bao, and Anh Khoi those who have never participate in any other start-up competition. Even when the competition started, the members planned to register with their own teams. However, the different direction made them gradually discouraged and gave up. Fortunately, Nga and Quynh met each other and connected these five young people established the NFO team. Under the leadership of Doan Hoang Quan, the team entered the way to conquer the competition.

vlu khoi nghiep quan ao cu cMSc. Doan Hoang Quan suggested and led these guys from first days to the competition (from left: Anh Khoi, Gia Bao, MSc. Doan Hoang Quan, Ngoc Nga, Ngoc Quynh, Nguyet Thu)

Talking about the name NFO, Nguyet Thu shared excitedly: "NFO means New From Old. The name comes from the idea of ​​freeing up the group's wardrobe. Along with the "It’s old for him but new for me” message, our project wishes to limit the amount of fashion waste in the environment, prolonging the "new - old" cycle of the fashion market.


The idea of ​​"Liberating the closet with just one touch" is from team leader, Ngoc Nga. Having a passion in fashion, Ms. Nga manages the "Closet Passing Corner " Group with more than 56.2 thousand members with those who are old fashion store owners, and quickly realized the potential of this market. However, as CEO Le Diep Kieu Trang, a Final Round’s judge of Sailing 20 said: "The person who comes up with the idea is not necessarily the person who can execute the project". If there is no connection with the members in charge of accounting, IT, project operation and management, and marketing, NFO cannot become a complete project.

Comparing to an old fashion exchange on a regular mobile application, which is an intermediary for sellers and buyers to trade fashion products, what makes NFO different is the fashion auction form. Being able to own a fashion product that is "Rare" in the market, "Hot" in terms of trends or "Good" when buying at a good price will attract auction participants as well as visitors to experience the application.

In addition, the wardrobe visiting feature of "Friends around" will increase the choice and excitement for users when they can refer to the wardrobes from many other people, diversifying options for difficult customers. Nguyet Thu shared: “Our group realized choosing the second-hand fashion market is not going backward from the society development. Fashion always revolves. Styles of previous generations returned to form many Retro and Vintage trends, affecting Gen Z generation. The "Luxury secondhand" items are fiercely sought by brand followers on websites and social networks that is an obvious example. NFO application will be an effective assistant to hunt for old fashion, actively contributing to sustainable fashion trends.”

Four-months effort is not a long time but enough to become unforgettable memories for each young person. Before the important exam day, the whole group stayed up all night practicing and exchanging through online. There were times when they wanted to give up, but thanks to encouragement from their teachers and the Organizing Committee, the group continued to fight. Gia Bao wittily shared: "Almost every day when meeting online, everyone appears with messy hair and dark eyes like a panda. Looking at each other while working, the whole team laughed. Those will be memories we won't forget."

Through the competition, NFO also knew about the entrepreneurial spirit of VLU students with a large number of students from many other faculties such as Information Technology, Engineering, Fine Arts and Design, etc. It was here, the members realized that the subjects in the lecture hall are useful when applying knowledge to starting a business. Start-up as a student is inherently difficult, but Ngoc Nga advised: "I hope you always keep the "flame" of entrepreneurship inside yourself to be bold, dare to try, dare to do, dare to take part in difficult challenges. Starting a business is making new ideas turn into reality.”

Talking about the project development direction in the future, Ngoc Quynh said: “There are still many problems for the app to complete. The team is working on a fix. In the immediate future, we have built the interface and started operability testing process. Both the team and I are looking forward to updating the project on Google Play or Appstore platforms soon.”

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Reporter: My Tien

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