Students of Course 24 of Applied Literature Major organize an online exhibition - "Gender and Art"

(VLU, 31/7/2021) - On July 19, 2021, students of Course 24 of Applied Literature major of Van Lang University organized the Online Exhibition "Gender and Art" at the fanpage of Applied Literature major and "Gender and Art - Online Exhibition" page under the guidance of Dr. Ho Khanh Van - Lecturer in Gender Literature: Theory and Applications.

“Gender Literature” is still a rather strange term for readers when approaching literature. We have always received and analyzed literature from the perspective of art, culture, history, society, etc., but few put it under the perspective of "feminist theory", "gay theory" or commonly referred to as "gender theory".

After studying at the lecture hall, students of Course 24 of Applied Literature were guided, approached and better understood the concepts of "Gender" as well as gender issues in society and in literature. From here, Dr. Ho Khanh Van - Lecturer of Gender Literature: Theory and Applications worked with students to plan the implementation of the Online Exhibition "Gender and Art". The program aims to introduce students as well as literature-loving readers to concepts and ways of seeing gender issues not only through literary works, but also through historical stories as well as other forms of art.

At the online exhibition, students of Course 24 of Applied Literature of Van Lang University introduced to readers 4 main topics:

Topic 1: Gender Performance: Who am I?

"Who am I?" - Getting inspired by the journey of self-discovery, understanding each of your own good and bad points, feelings and thoughts. The destination only appears when we know who we are. The authors have introduced to readers the concepts of gender, existing issues in thought, ways of seeing gender through characters, true stories, and even through game shows. movies, art, etc.

vlu khoa xa hoi nhan van trien lam online gioi va nghe thuat aCover photo - Gender Performance: Who am I?

Topic 2: Vietnam Museum of Gender Literature: Empress Nam Phuong's new perspective on women

Choosing a different direction than the rest, in this topic, the author's team promotes the tastes of the audience, creating an exhibition of images as realistic as possible.

vlu khoa xa hoi nhan van trien lam online gioi va nghe thuat bStatue of Queen Nam Phuong in the center of the museum (December 4, 1914 - September 16, 1963)

Inspired by the image of a historical person in Vietnam - the last empress of Dat Viet: Nam Phuong, the authors have brought to the reader the image of a Vietnamese woman at the intersection of history. A look at modern feminism in an old society creates ups and downs in the life of Queen Nam Phuong.

Topic 3: Museum of Asian Literature before 1945

Before the current theoretical systems of gender were strongly developed, gender literature in Asia before 1945 had not received much attention.

Gender inequality, the issue of respect for men and women, appears densely through dogmas, customs and images of women suffering from oppression and injustice through a number of typical literary works in different Asian countries before 1945 such as China, Japan, Korea and India.

vlu khoa xa hoi nhan van trien lam online gioi va nghe thuat cWriter Truong Ai Linh (September 30, 1920 - September 8, 1995) - a Chinese female writer specializing in writing about women in the "interference" era.

Topic 4: Asian Museum of World Literature after 1945

In the nineteenth century, Asian countries adopted Western culture and this had a great influence on the development of literature in this continent. The literatures of some Asian countries have achieved certain achievements thanks to the change in concept and awareness of social issues.

vlu khoa xa hoi nhan van trien lam online gioi va nghe thuat d

The image of women is always mentioned in literary works. Women from past to present have shouldered the fate of long, unhappiness and suffering, but deep inside them are their own qualities and beauty that few people realize.

With this online exhibition, the students of Course 24 of Applied Literature want to let readers feel and understand literature better from the perspective of "Gender and Art", and get closer to the ideology and lifestyle of the society we have been living in.

Up to now, the online exhibition "Gender and Art" still receives the attention of students as well as readers who love literature. Although this is the first time students of Course 24 in Applied Literature have approached the online exhibition, the topics have received positive reviews from lecturers.

Nha Nha
Student of class 24 of Applied Literature

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