Spreading the spirit of sharing during the pandemic with Quynh Thu (Social Work Team)

(VLU, 31/7/2021) - "Boldly borrowed father 2 million VND, carried 400 packages of noodles and 4 cartons of milk alone" - that's what the little girl Nguyen Quynh Thu, a student of the 24th class of Public Relations Major and also a member of the Executive Board of the Social Work Team - Van Lang University did on the trip to support necessities for people in difficult area during the current complicated Covid-19 epidemic.

With the outbreak in Saigon, Van Lang and other universities began to enter the stage of online teaching and learning at home, keeping students safe but still ensuring the quality of learning. Quynh Thu temporarily says goodbye to the Social Work Team and Van Lang school and returns to her hometown in Phu Yen.

On June 23, 2021, Phu Yen detected the first case of Covid-19 and broke out strongly, as of July 21, it has reached 1,000 cases. The first case of Covid-19 was near where Quynh Thu lives. Her mother became F1 and had to go to quarantine, Quynh Thu and the rest of the family were isolated at home. In those days, Thu's family was supported by sponsors with rice, fish sauce, cooking oil, vegetables, etc. During the epidemic, these familiar gift became more precious than ever, making Thu very emotional and cherishing the love that the community shares with each other. From here, Thu began to nurture the intention to do something to help people, to bring even small things to more difficult situations.

Quynh Thu confided: "At that time, just in time at the local Youth Union to recruit volunteers to participate in the epidemiological investigation, I was F2 so I could not participate. So I waited for the end of the quarantine period to quietly run a small campaign of my own to help the people in my area.”

As a small and gentle girl, everything Thu does and decides is strong and decisive. Thu quickly contacted the supplier, asked the cost of the price and calculated how many parts would be supported. After two hours, Thu boldly borrowed two million dong and went alone to carry 400 packages of noodles and 4 cartons of milk. After that, the family knew and supported Thu more in the preparation. With her first "gift cart", Thu and her family distributed a total of 64 portions including noodles and milk, with priority given to households with elderly people and children. Although the number is small compared to the number of families under lockdown, hopefully, it can give some motivation to Phu Yen people to safely isolate and overcome the peak of the epidemic.

vlu quynh thuNguyen Quynh Thu, 24th class, VLU Public Relations major with a "gift cart" to support people in their area

It is known that from the 10th grade, Thu started getting acquainted with volunteer activities. From the time she went to help the community and society, Thu knew how to appreciate life, share and sympathize more because there are still many unfortunate lives out there. "Volunteering is not an easy thing, but it is thanks to those difficulties that I try to overcome it so that in the future my steps will become more stable," Thu affirmed.

“The Cold Girl of the Social Work Team”

That's what Quynh Thu said about herself during the first period of her life at the Team. The chance to connect Quynh Thu and the Social Work Team started with the registration to support Dieu Phap Pagoda in the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year. From a person with a cold personality, somewhat unruly, through the activities organized by the Team, Thu has gradually improved herself, being patient, calm, handling situations and improving communication skills significantly. Talking about her Social Work Team, Thu is extremely proud: “The team to me is a home, a brother, a place where you can go back to whenever you want. Living with the Team gives me the feeling of not being alone when I live 500km away from my family. I am very grateful for the activities that the Team has brought to see how beautiful life is."

vlu quynh thu aQuynh Thu (2nd from the right) with friends in the Student Social Work Team of VLU

Along with Quynh Thu, many beautiful actions to support people and students during the epidemic season are also taking place with the cooperation of the school, lecturers, officials - employees, alumni and businesses organization, leaving no one alone in this war. Hopefully, these beautiful actions will spread more energy to everyone, share love together, and raise awareness of anti-epidemic in the community.

Reporter: My Tien

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