Faculty of Tourism organizes workshop "Spreading fire", training staff of Union - Association 2021

(VLU, 19/7/2021) - On July 18, 2021, the Executive Board of the Youth Union - Faculty of Tourism organized a Workshop on the topic "SPREADING FIRE" on the online application MS Teams, connecting more than 150 students to participate. including the Executive Board of classes and members of the Executive Committee of the Youth Union - Association.

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The workshop with the theme "Spreading Fire" is dedicated to members of the Class Personnel Committee and the Youth Union - Association officials of the Executive Board of the Faculty of Tourism, aiming at the development and training of experienced staff to lead the Union - Association movements. 02 guests attending the Workshop are Mr. Chau Thoai Ve - Secretary of the Union of  Van Lang University and Mr. Pham Thanh Phong (former student of Course 22) - Secretary and Head of the Student Union Inspection Committee; Former Union Branch President of the Faculty of Tourism; Former President of French Club - CFTV Faculty of Tourism; Representative students visit and study at Hung Temple in 2019.

Participating in the workshop, the guests conveyed good messages, the necessary qualities of the staff and the executive committee such as: confidence, knowing how to observe and handle situations, along with experiences in doing so, how to keep the fire burning, how to communicate the program with the class in the most effective way, how to cooperate with friends to complete the work, etc. The sharing from the guests' reality has helped the class staff. The Youth Union - Faculty of Tourism Association has more experience to operate and lead the movement better.

In addition to the interesting and useful sharing, the atmosphere of the workshop became more exciting when students participated in fun minigames with basic questions about the Union - Association. The students not only received gifts but also gained the background knowledge needed for a movement officer, adding love and spirit to the organization.

vlu truyen lua du lich bThe 2021 Youth Union - Association training workshop connects participants via the online form of MS Teams.

Sharing his feelings after participating in the Workshop, Vo Ngoc Nhu Quynh, a member of class K26D-KS3, and also a candidate for the Executive Committee of the Youth Union - Faculty of Tourism, said: “Before participating, I was very nervous. because the workshop is held online, not as exciting as in person. But after that, the organizers led and interacted with you very well. In addition, there are minigames and gifts. Most of the attendees enthusiastically asked questions to the guests, making the atmosphere very lively."

The workshop ended in a joyful atmosphere and left memorable experiences in training Youth Union - Association officials online during the epidemic season. Wishing the Executive Board of the Youth Union - Faculty of Tourism Association to be stronger and stronger, leading the student movement of the Faculty of Tourism strong and unique, contributing to the movement of the Union - General Association of Van Lang.

Reporter: My Tien

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