Phuong Dong Night: SOHU family returns with the finale of the academic playground

(VLU, 22/7/2021) - Phuong Dong Night is an academic program for students of Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities - Van Lang University. Held from May 3, 2021 and postponed due to the epidemic, so far, SOHU has had 2 rounds of knowledge quizzes, finding the top 9 to enter the attractive finale.

As an academic playground for students of Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, Phuong Dong Night is organized with 3 rounds of competition.

Round 1 (from May 3 to May 7, 2021): Candidates complete 20 multiple-choice questions in 15 minutes classified by majors/specialties: Psychology - Japanese Studies - Chinese National Studies – Korean Studies – Applied Literature. 50 contestants with the best results will be selected to continue the 2nd round

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In Round 2 of the contest, 50 contestants have 2 days to log in and take the test of knowledge of basic subjects. At the end of the round, the 27 contestants with the highest scores advance to the final round.

Returning after a long period due to the epidemic, Phuong Dong Night continues in online form. Taking place from July 15, 27 candidates who are representatives from 5 disciplines with the best score and time in Round 2 will be randomly divided into 9 small groups by the organizers (3 students/group). ). Each group was asked to create a video clip with the theme: Honoring the volunteer team supporting the fight against Covid in Vietnam. On July 21, 2021, all 9 video clips made by the contest team were posted on the fanpage of Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities - Van Lang University and conducted a public vote to find the most popular product.

With a close topic, associated with the current social situation, the contestants of Phuong Dong Night "showed their talent" in creating many meaningful and humane video clips, and at the same time showed their care and respect. The importance of young people to the forces who are working day and night in disease prevention and control. They are emotional images of the sacrifices on the front lines who are always straining to fight; are the tears and nostalgia of children, families in the rear always send love and hope to their loved ones working far away; are very true, very sincere sharing of the "heroes" who are participating in epidemic prevention in the local where we live; Besides, there is the cuteness of students conveyed through witty rhymes, encouraging the spirit of the everyone to fight against the epidemic.

Voting time for 9 works for the final round of Phuong Dong Night starts from July 22 and ends on July 29, 2021. Viewers can vote for their favorite entries by clicking like/share to accumulate points. The team with the highest valid accumulative score will receive the final prize.


Reporter: Hoai Anh
Photo: Fanpage of Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

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