Online Final Thesis Defense for Architecture Students at Van Lang University

(VLU, 11/7/2021) - On the morning of 09 July 2021, the Faculty of Architecture at Van Lang University organized the Online Final Thesis Defense for the students of course 22 with 129 theses.

The Final thesis defense is an essential milestone for the students. It marks the summary of a studying period at the university; it reflects the students’ performance, passion, and determination to their career in architecture. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the final thesis defense for Architecture students of course 22 at Van Lang University had to take place on the online platform. Each student has 20 minutes to introduce their thesis to the committee.

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This year defense was divided into five sessions taking place simultaneously. On average, each session should have 26 participating theses. Despite the setback caused by the pandemic outbreak, the Architecture students and lecturers at Van Lang University had carried out dynamic defense sessions and introduced many exciting and hands-on projects.

The theses are themed on community infrastructures such as the Institute for researching and correcting teenagers’ behavior, schools, hospitals, general libraries, communal houses, and art exhibition centers. The chosen topic reflected the students’ caring for society, collective activities, and their wishes to create humanism infrastructures to facilitate mental development for young people. Some projects were even inspired by the student’s daily life and personal experience. Do Cong Duy – a student of course 22A, whose thesis on “300-bed Dermato Venerology Hospital in Thu Dau Mot City,” said: “I have been receiving dermatology treatment for a while. Every time I went to the dermatology hospitals, I usually observe and memorize the infrastructure specifications. Thanks to this habit, I have acquired strong foundations, which help me to complete my thesis.”

vlu khoa kien truc bao ve do an tot nghiep uA floor plan extracted from the thesis on “Institute for researching and correcting the teenager’s behavior in District 7, HCMC” by Phung Quang Dat. Many theses this year focused on special-need audiences, dedicated to constructing modern infrastructures to help autistic children, teenagers in need of mental support, elders.

Besides, numerous theses on the hotels, resorts, or luxury apartment buildings, shophouses also illustrated the trend observing skills, creativity, and well-practiced of acquired knowledge to exploit the ideas and work on their theses. On the other hand, some theses were requested to refine in floor plan and reselect the most suitable materials to optimize the design.

The committees also express their good evaluations for some well-invested and in-depth studies, which the students had successfully exploited the core values, and consulted from local and international references to improve their theses. This was an optimistic sign and needed to be maintained. Once again, we congratulate the Architecture students and lecturers for completing an outstanding Final Thesis Defense.

Reporter: Hoai Anh

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