Pandemic’s Stories – the Social Work crew spread positive energy to the Van Lang Community

(VLU19/7/2021- To support the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and cheer up the students during their absence from school, the Social Work crew at Van Lang University had organized the “Pandemic’s Stories” contest to provide a virtual playground for the students to share their experience during the social distancing.

Starting from 24 June 2021, the “Pandemic’s Stories” contest received submissions in visual or writing materials. All applications were published on the Social Work crew at Van Lang University’s fanpage to promote the inspirations to the community during the social distancing.

The 12 submitted stories reflected 12 grateful and straightforward aspects of life from the perspective of Gen Z. There were stories about the “regular yet unique” healthy life amid the pandemic outbreak, the family bonding in the gathering meals or TV watching time together, or the nostalgia for the university, the crew and the charity trips full of joy.

vlu cuoc thi cau chuyen mua covid bMany students admitted the social distancing allowed them to have more profound thoughts for their personal and studying life, good habits, self, and family care.

To shared the gratitude for the peaceful moments rounded by family during the social distancing, Tran Thanh Vu said: “I am a commuting student, and seldom return home. Therefore, the gathering time with my family is what I miss the most.” To Vu, the meals by his mother, the scolding by his father were the peaceful moments that he sincerely adored amid the pandemic.

vlu cuoc thi cau chuyen mua covid aTo Vu, the scene where the whole family gathering for a meal was the most precious and peaceful moment that he sincerely adored amid the pandemic.

To Khanh Hong, “positive energy is just around the corner.” She shared many tips to reduce stress through her submission. For example, she suggested isolating the disrespecting people to exterminate the negative energy, praising yourself for starting a new day full of power, or even “re-organizing” your social network account to avoid the pessimism from the gloomy information.

vlu cuoc thi cau chuyen mua covid cNguyen Minh Anh said: “The Covid-19 pandemic helped my family strengthen our bonds. My mom and I could have friendly talks, especially when watching movies together.”

Through the voting round from 05 to 08 July, Nguyen Minh Anh and her family bonding story to experience a more optimistic world with the “Nghiep sinh tu” TV drama had acquired a total victory of 224 points. Her prize was a fragrant candle with a soothing smell to help her relax after hardworking hours of studying online at home.

Reporter: Hoai Anh
Photo: Social Work crew at Van Lang University’s fan page

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