Architecture student of Van Lang University displayed their drawing talent in the online Workshop "Regulations Designing Contest"

(VLU27/6/2021) – On the morning of 26 June 2021, after a month of promotion and organization, the Faculty of Architecture at Van Lang University had officially announced the results of the online “WORKSHOP REGULATIONS DESIGNING CONTEST.”

The Information Board Design on WORKSHOP REGULATIONS was a contest organized by the Faculty of Architecture at Van Lang University on 27 May 2021 to promote and suggest that students preserve the studying environment. The submitted works were published on the social network platform for public voting. The voting count from the audience shall weigh 50% of the total score, and the remaining half will be defined by the board of judges consisting of the standing lecturers of the Faculty of Architecture at Van Lang University.

The contest had attracted enormous contestants from the Faculty of Architecture and received many “gold-class” submissions. A board of prestigious judges was also formed, including Dr. Arc. Do Phu Hung – Dean, Dr. Tran Anh Tuan – Vice-Dean, MA. Arc. Chau My Anh, MA. Arc. Truong Nguyen Hong Quang and MSc. Arc. Nguyen Bao Tuan.

The workshop is a common studying space and a personal sanctuary for Architecture students to express themselves and exhibit their projects. Therefore, the Faculty of Architecture at Van Lang University had issued six rules to preserve the best state of the workshop.

Keep the tables and chairs clean
Make sure to wear appropriate and wear your student ID
Do not eat and drink in the workshop
Clean up your seat before leaving the workshop
Do not leave your project behind in the workshop

With a sense of humor, the parodied folk-songs and proverbs in combination with the attractive and eye-catching illustration, the submission No NQHT#01 by the “All three generations of my family study Architecture” group had delivered the Workshop Regulations uniquely and won the first prize.

vlu noi quy hoa that aThe submitted work by the “All three generations of my family study Architecture” won the first prize

Illustrated the hard-working ant in black and yellow tones to represent the Architecture - Civil Engineering students, the “Arc-Civ Brotherhood” group had depicted the best essences of Architecture students in the submission No NQHT#07. The iconic character also represented the model Van Lang University student with “Morality – Will – Creativity.”

vlu noi quy hoa that bThe work by Arc-Civ Brotherhood won the consolation prize.

Sharing the same prize with Arc-Civ Brotherhood, Dinh Le Huynh, in the submission No NQHT#03, delivered concise messages and outreached the positive mindset to help the students raise awareness about keeping the common studying place clean.

vlu noi quy hoa that cWork No. NQHT#03 by Dinh Le Huynh shared the consolation prize

With all the efforts and achievements in the last month, we hoped that the Information Board Design Contest in “Workshop Regulations” had delivered and inspired positively for VLU students, especially those of the Faculty of Architecture.

Reporter: Huynh Bao

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