Law Students at Van Lang University joined hands with Saigon during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak

(VLU20/7/2021) – At a certain night in July when the whole country was fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, I, fortunately, was accepted to a volunteer group to give presents to the homeless, and I accidentally ran into Phu, who was doing the same thing. Despite the short conversation within a quiet city, I could feel the solidarity spirit in the 20-year-old boy.

Nguyen Huu Phu is a senior Law student at Van Lang University, running the Van Lang Law Consulting and Investment, Training Co., Ltd. with his other two friends. Phu said that the business was down during the pandemic outbreak, yet they still decided to spare their monthly income to buy presents and give them to the homeless.

As the reason, Phu explained: “When preparing for our start-up, we define the prioritized mission of the company is to carry out the social responsibility, especially to the vulnerable. Moreover, we are all final-year students, so we would like to deliver a meaningful message for our underclassmen to follow. During the pandemic outbreak, the homeless become the most vulnerable, so helping them is helping our own country to fight against the pandemic. What we are doing is just a small contribution. The real heroes are the medical staff and the front-liners.”

In July, Van Lang Law Consulting and Investment, Training Co., Ltd. had given away nearly 100 presents for the homeless. Each present was worth about 200 thousand dongs consisting of five kilograms of rice, face mask, milk, cookies, cooking oil, sugar, sauce, and sanitary pads.

vlu sinh vien luat hoạt dong thien nguyen mua dich bAfter a hard-working day, Phu continued to wander on the streets at night to help the homeless overcome the pandemic.

As we interviewed Mr. Sau – one of the receivers, he said: “The pandemic outbreak and social distancing prevent me from selling lottery tickets. Now I am unemployed, so I cannot survive without the charity meals and the presents.” The presents might not be worth big money, but a stitch in time saves nine.” The given presents to those in need represent the beautiful action of a young person, a start-up-ing company.  

For the time being, the student group usually provides complimentary legal consultancy for the vulnerable ones, such as the poor or the visual-impaired. Phu said: “The legal consulting fees are generally higher than their pay grade, so it is pretty difficult for them to approach legal help when needed. In particular, during the pandemic outbreak, they often ask how to get the Covid-19 financial supports from the government. Others also ask about other legal matters. They told me that other law offices charged enormously, so they could not afford them. They are tear-breaking stories. During our consulting sessions, we always remind them to strictly practice the MoH’s 5K message and other government instructions to protect the health of their family and the community.”

vlu sinh vien luat hoạt dong thien nguyen mua dich cTo Phu, helping the vulnerable was the most prioritized mission of his company. It was a way to carry out a son of Van Lang’s mission and a chance to spread the positive aura to the underclassmen.

The beautiful acts seemed to make the “Morality – Will – Creativity” spirit even brighter for VLU students. Only in hardship, the unity and solidarity of Vietnam may shine bright. In the very Van lang University, that spirit becomes every shinier when all the staff, lecturers, students, and alumnus shared the same determination. Even though the situation in Ho Chi Minh City is elevating, we do believe that if we remain appropriate manner, practice the countermeasure for fighting the pandemic, Vietnam will overcome this non-combat war.”

Reporter: Do Thi Cao Thong
Law Student of Course 23 at Van Lang University

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