Civil Engineering Students of course 23 defended their General Project before graduation

(VLU16/7/2021) – On 14 July 2021, the Faculty of Civil Engineering had organized the General Project Defense for Civil Engineering students of course 23 on MS Teams platform. This course is a prerequisite for the Final Thesis.

In 2021, 43 Civil Engineering students of course 23 had given their presentation for the General Projects to four sessions, including:

  • Session 1: Dr. Nguyen Khac Cuong – Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, MSc. Hoang Quoc Thanh
  • Session 2: Eng. Tran Xuan Vinh, MSc. Bui Nam Phuong
  • Session 3: Dr. Nguyen Hoang Tung, MSc. Tu Dong Xuan
  • Session 4: Eng. Huynh Thanh Diep, MSc. Le Do Phuong An

vlu do an tong hop xay dung aThe committees and Civil Engineering students attended virtually on MS Teams platform

Civil Engineering students of course 23’s 43 projects covered the following topics: office design, villa design, townhouse design, and other themes based on the supervisor’s instructions and acquired knowledge. The students had designed and discussed the structural drawings, architectural drawings, frame plan, floor plan, foundation plan, beam plan, stair plan, floor’s internal force determination, steel-reinforced concrete structure to the committee.

vlu do an tong hop khoa xay dung dLe Hung Anh gave a presentation for his project to the committee.

After the presentation, the students would have a Q&A session with the committee. The students had to answer many questions to display their understanding in the profession and prepare themselves for more critical project defenses. Thanks to the Q&A session, the student had the opportunity to review their knowledge and acquire more experience for their future career.

vlu do an tong hop khoa xay dung cThe lecturers asked many questions to test the student’s knowledge while they defend their project.

The Covid-19 pandemic outbreak had caused some setbacks to the General Project Defense of the Civil Engineering student of course 23 compared to that of the traditional conduction. However, the committees still recognized the students’ efforts. The General Project sets significant challenges yet provides students with the necessary experience to prepare for the final thesis to get a well-rounded understanding of their future careers as civil engineers.

Reporter: My Tien

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