The theses of the first graduating batch of Applied Literature major

(VLU, 08/7/2021) – On the morning of 05 July 2021, the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities had organized the thesis defense for the Applied Literature students of course 23 at Saigon meeting room in VLU's main campus. These were the first graduating batch of this program.

The final thesis is an essential part of every studying program to help evaluate the student’s knowledge and skills after studying and researching. The preparation for the students to defend their theses also consolidated the educational philosophies and training strategies of the Applied Literature major.

After four months working with their supervisors, the Applied Literature students of course 23 at Van Lang University had completed and defended their theses. Two defenders included:

  • Nguyen Trung Nghia, with the study on “Understanding the Parody genre.” Supervisor: MA. Dao Thi Diem Trang.
  • Nguyen Luong Xuan An, with the study on “Comedy in the Contemporary Theatre Arts – A case of Idecaf theatre and Tao Quan show.” Supervisor: Dr. Ho Quoc Hung.

The judging committee included:

  • First session: Dr. Ho Quoc Hung – Chairman, Dr. Le Thi Van – Critic, and Dr. Le Thi Gam – Secretary.
  • Second session: Dr. Nguyen Hoai Thanh – Chairman, MA. Dao Thi Diem Trang – Critic, and MA. Le Thi Gam – Secretary.

vlu vhud eNguyen Trung Nghia defend his final thesis on “Understanding the Parody genre” in the first session.

vlu vhudTo explain the reason for choosing the study on “Understanding the Parody genre,” Trung Nghia realized that this genre was quite popular in western countries but did not receive appropriate attention in Vietnam and was still a dispute in Theatre – Cinema fields. The committee considered Trung Nghia’s study an exciting topic, reflecting the trends and promoting exploitation possibility in later studies. Trung Nghia also received many inputs to expand this study to a higher level.

vlu vhud aFor the study on “Comedy in Contemporary Theatre Art – a case of Idecaf Theatre and Tao Quan show” defended by Nguyen Luong Xuan An, MA. Dao Thi Diem Trang – the critic, considered the study for significant analysis in the cultural factors of the comedy. Moreover, the suitable analyzing objects of comedy shows at Ideacaf theatre and the Tao Quan show could depict the differences between the two performance styles. Xuan An’s thesis required long and careful preparations. However, due to the pandemic outbreak, she was limited from taking practical surveys. Although the thesis had not yet provided solid logic, it was also proof that the students had significant development in studying and researching mindset.

We want to congratulate the Applied Literature students of course 23 for successfully defending their thesis, and we wish you a fruitful career ahead. We would also like to commend the Applied Literature major at Van Lang University to complete its first graduating batch in 2021.

Reporter: Gia Han - My Tien

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