"Childhood Design" project – a memorable experience for Industrial Design students

(VLU, 02/07/2021) - In the sixth semester, Industrial Design students will have an interesting "Toy Design" course. The course offers students the chance to reform the dreamt childhood by making new toys. Dr. Do Anh Tuan – Head of Industrial Design Division, is the lecturer of this course.

For Industrial Design students, student projects usually bring them beautiful memories. All the pottery, interior product, or mechanical product projects are a joyful, heartwarming, and hardworking experience. In the previous sixth semester, the students of course 24 had an exciting lecture on "Toy Design" that required them to create a toy helping the children to develop critical thinking or learn new knowledge. The toy might even be for the adult audience serving the purpose of entertainment or learning.

For third-year students, the course is the opportunity to use the knowledge from the previous projects, such as analyzing and researching the target audience to create an attractive toy and developing new game rules for the players.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi aDr. Do Anh Tuan and students of course 24 practiced the forming stage at the Design Workshop (before the pandemic outbreak)

This year, the students of course 24 took the Toy Design project under the guidance of Dr. Do Anh Tuan – Head of the Industrial Design Division at Van Lang University. He is an experienced expert in designing character sculptures. The course requires students to "Design a character." The students must create a couple of attractive, educational, and rich characters in Vietnamese culture and history for the children.

The practical course requires the students to have a hands-on approach, intensive interaction among lecturers and students. However, due to the pandemic outbreak in Ho Chi Minh City, the lecturers and the students of course 24 had to carry out the course online, which resulted in essential setbacks for the students during their studying and designing the product.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi jThe family provided significant assistance in working on the project

Thu Ha (above picture) shared: "Toy design was a memorable experience for me, especially when I had to take the course online. In the beginning, I found it difficult to form an attractive and unique character using clay. I had to try different materials such as clay or resin, and I finally chose wood – a natural and familiar material suitable for my characters in mind. As a blessing in disguise, as I had to return to my hometown, I could use available materials in my very own garden, such as avocado wood, dried areca, mussel shells, bamboo. With the help of my family, I was able to design my intended produce.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi kThe creation of miracles in the loving garden

Course 24 was a unique intake, which accepted fewer students than that of the previous years. There is only one male student in the whole class. After three years, the class size was reduced to six students, but less is more. The following were the products created by the students of course 24 in the Toy Design course.

Character Design "Hmong-ethnic girl" – Ho Thi Thu Ha

As a highlander, since her young age, Thu Ha made friends with my ethnic people, then developed a great interest in the unique culture of the ethnic minorities. Therefore, Thu Ha had designed "Hmong-ethnic girl" to deliver the beautiful aspects of ethnic minorities – the brother and sister races in Vietnam to the children.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi c

vlu do an thiet ke do choi d


Portrait of Kim Dong and Thu Thuy – Luu Nhu Ngoc

Kim Dong and Thu Thuy were among the first members registered to the HCM Young Pioneer Organization. They delivered messages and escorted communist members. Kim Dong was KIA when he was 14-year-old.

Inspired by the patriotism and persistence of the children working as the messengers through young ages, Nhu Ngoc would like to deliver the young patriotic and brave example of the children messengers to the children today.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi gKim Dong and Thu Thuy by Luu Nhu Ngoc

Vietnamese Motherhood – Huynh Thu Quyen

Besides Ao Dai, the four-piece robe is also traditional apparel for Vietnamese women, originating from the women's outfits in the northern regions in the 18th century. The attire of the conventional Vietnamese women includes the four-piece robe and the kerchief, which has become a standing standard of Vietnamese women. Inspired by the four-piece robe, the kerchief, and especially the folklore of the white daisy honoring filial piety, Thu Quyen designed a beautiful image to deliver the beautiful tradition to the young generations or help the parents to interact with their children through the folklore.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi bVietnamese Motherhood by Thu Quyen

The Pig and the Buffalo characters from Dong Ho painting – Hoai Nhi

Dong Do traditional painting was recognized as a national intangible cultural heritage. Dong Ho painting portraited the Vietnamese farmers and the familiar livestock such as buffaloes, pigs, or chickens. The paintings even expressed the similarity between the farmers and the livestock for their hardworking (like the buffaloes) and the hope for prosperity (like the pigs and the chickens). It was the inspiration for Thu Quyen to choose this theme for her Toy Design project. Through these images, she would like to preserve the beautiful tradition of the ancestors and pass them on to the next generations by making them into friendly toys. Thus the children might learn about the good old practices and senses of arts.

vlu do an thiet ke do choi fThe Pig and Buffalo character from Dong Ho paintings were made into the form of toys by Van Lang students.


Reporter: Vu Phan Hoai Nhi
Industrial Design student of course 24


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