VLU students joined the frontline against the Covid-19 pandemic

(VLU01/7/2021) - During the fourth outbreak, the collection of staff, lecturers, and students of Van Lang University had carried out many meaningful activities to contribute to society. Apart from the collective contribution, VLU students also volunteered to join the frontline against the Covid-19 pandemic in the local areas, which were highly recognized by the press and media lately.


vlu sinh vien van lang ho tro chong dichQuynh Mai at a testing service station.

Recently on the "A good news every day, a fine story every week" program hosted by the Youth Union of Tan Binh District - HCMC had honored Tran Nguyen Quynh Mai (20-year-old), a young volunteer of the voluntary group to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

She is currently a sophomore Psychology major at Van Lang University. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck again at the end of last May in Go Vap District, Quynh Minh passed by the call for volunteers to fight against the pandemic issued by the Youth Union, and she registered without hesitation.

"In the beginning, I was very anxious when I thought of the possibility to be exposed to Covid-19. However, when I think about the medical staff who are persistently fighting against the pandemic to protect life, I become eager to contribute my resources in this fight" – Mai shared the reason she joined the voluntary group.

Mai said that when she started her job as a volunteer at Go Vap district, her primary roles were to help input data, instruct the people to take the test, and keep a safe distance.

Mai confessed: "We work on shifts every day. Each shift lasts six to seven hours. The tasks were quite simple but time-consuming. Sometimes the fatigue made me too exhausted even to eat, so I only drink some water. Although the workload was stressful, all the medical staff and volunteers always cheer each other up and stay positive to make sure everything is completed."

vlu sinh vien van lang ho tro chong dich cAlthough the job was stressful, all the volunteers always stay cheerful

Even though the volunteers must wear protective gear, the anxiety of getting Covid-19 was inevitable for the young students. Therefore, to relieve her family's worries, Mai decided to "secretly" do the job without notifying her family.

"To guarantee a safe protocol, we will take the test every three days. Sometimes we could not sleep because of the fear that we might be infected." – said Mai.

It was not until Mai asked to work at the local voluntary center (in Tan Binh district) that her family found out. "I only told my parents several days ago when they were taking the test in ward 6, where I was working. I thought I would "seriously" get scolded, but it turned out that my parents supported my decision and encouraged me to stay healthy and safe. What they did had inspired me wonderfully." – Mai told the press.

When recalling the time she worked as a volunteer, Mai enthusiastically talked about the special affections the local people dedicated to the medical staff and even the brave children who took the tests without crying. 

Besides participating in voluntary works, we also found out that Quynh Mai also registered to become an organ donor despite the young age.

vlu sinh vien van lang ho tro chong dich bQuynh Mai's Organ Donor Card


Until now, the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Ho Chi Minh City is still escalating. To fight against the pandemic, besides exploiting all the available local medical staff to take tests on a large scale to anticipate the potential threat in the area, many university students were called to support the fight against the pandemic in the city.

Student Le Thi Thanh Xuan (Public Relations student at Van Lang University) said that patriotism drove her to register to become a volunteer. Moreover, she would like to use her youth to join the cause to overcome this pandemic.

Thanh Xuan also said that every day, she tried her best with every given task, such as instructing and checking the temperature for the people, preparing gifts for the poor, and delivering the knowledge to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic to the people.

vlu sinh vien van lang ho tro chong dich aLe Thi Thanh Xuan instructed the people to take the Covid-19 test

According to Le Thi Thanh Xuan, most of the volunteers did not know one another before. However, once they arrived at the testing sites, everyone was highly enthusiastic and supported each other.

Both Quynh Mai and Thanh Xuan assumed that the works at the testing sites earned them beautiful and precious memories and feelings. They hope that all the lecturers, students, and citizens in Ho Chi Minh City will stay healthy and practice the Ministry of Health's 5K regulations to keep themselves and everyone's safe to fight against the pandemic.

During the meeting with Giao duc Vietnam's e-magazine, VLU's representative shared that more than 100 students have volunteered to provide supports at the testing sites in this outbreak. Their key roles are taking the test sample, checking the temperature, instructing how to fill medical check form, inputting data, supporting the people at the testing sites, and even supporting in transporting and organizing the facilities at the dormitory of the Vietnam National University – HCMC Campus.

Collected and edited from the Giao Duc Vietnam and Tuoi Tre Online Newspaper

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