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(VLU06/7/2021– Press & Communication Club - PR Press and Communication Club is an academic club under the Faculty of Public Relations & Communication of Van Lang University, established in May 2016. This is the common home of many Van Lang young people who share the same passion for writing, in order to practice communication skills and spread information to connect the Van Lang community.

In May 2016, the PR Faculty of Van Lang University’s Press & Communication Club was officially established for young people who love Journalism - Communication field to develop their abilities through writing activities, Vlog production, Radio, Workshop. From an academic playground for PR students, under the guidance of faculty advisors and five generations of the Board of Directing, the club gradually received the attention and support of young people and expanded its scope of activities, spreading energy to Van Lang's student community.

PR Press and Communication Club, affectionately known as "Newspaper", has gone through a 5-year journey with many outstanding milestones, spreading beautiful values ​​to the Van Lang community with the motto "Ethics - Professionalism - Trust".

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Radio journalism is a journalism form that transmits content through sound. The journalists have based on this form to produce monthly Radio issues, with diverse topics from exam stories to stories in study, student life, entertainment, students' hearts, sharing the experiences of their predecessors, transmitting knowledge, and so on.

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The Vlog halting station is a place for the club's members to unleash their creativity. Although recording in different locations, each video with different challenges and games, has a very unique style of press. If you want to find a place to relieve stress because of the "rain of deadlines", the newspaper's Vlog is the right place to bring Van Lang students laughter and interesting things.

vlu co hen voi nha bao pr van lang cVlog #3 - “Spring travel with the Journalist”


This is a place to learn and connect students with industry leaders, helping club members in particular and Van Lang students in general to improve their knowledge on different topics like "Utilization of speech" is an interesting experience with the art of using words; “Creativity - Invention” is about creativity in communication; “Emotional touching point - Eye-catching point” is sharing knowledge and experience about content Writer.

vlu co hen voi nha bao pr van lang d“Emotional touching point - Eye-catching point” Workshop on April, 7th,2021

This May, marking the 5-year milestone of establishment and development, the Press & Communication Club launches a series of /dong/ events bearing the spirit of "Press" with "strange but familiar" activities such as /dong / /MON/ with internal training activities, looking back on the past 5 years through Radio named /dong/ /AM/, yearbook images of /dong/ /TAM/, the magazine named /dong/ /VI/, and especially meaningful community activities is /dong/ /HANH/. Each activity is a link containing enthusiasm, effort and sincere feelings from the pieces of the Press, connecting members with the common idea of ​​/dong/ that is both sustainability and together".

vlu co hen voi nha bao pr van lang fThe /dong/ /HANH/ campaign carries the message "Old items create new value", collects used clothes, used batteries from Van Lang students and gives these collected items to charities.

The 5-year milestone of establishment and development has created a great motivation to help journalists confidently continue to go far. Not only stopping at 5 years, the club believes that the "purple" flame will forever retain confidence, dynamism and responsibility to pass on to the next generations as well as make the club’s image develop.




Head of the club: Hoang Thien Huong – K25 student of Faculty of Public Relations and Communication

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This is a club established in the last 2 years, launched and accompanied by Van Lang Television Channel. Cinewsmic has strengths in hosting, acting, filming and implementing media video products. The series of "VLtour"programs that the club conducts on Van Lang TV channel in 2020-2021 has good quality and initially created a real reception from the student community.

Head of the club: Mr. Truong Hoang Minh Tuan (Van Lang Television Channel)

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The "old" and prestigious club of Van Lang students, regularly participates in supporting the major events organization of the University. The Event Club stands out with its dynamic orange color, with a professional and methodical organizational structure of teams and committees within the club.

Head of the club: Huynh Nhu – K24 student of Faculty of Public Relations and Communication

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With a strong members of team, "specializing in" taking photos and filming for big and small events of the University. The enthusiasm of the "Van Lang Photographers" has greatly supported the school's media units, creating a rich and quality image source.

Head of the club: Mai Ngoc Thang – K23 Student of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design

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The Student Communications Subcommittee was established in October 2020, under the direct management of the Admissions & Communications Department. This is not a student club, but a students collection who are working as media from many clubs, departments, and disciplines in the school. The operating principle of the Student Communications Subcommittee is a flexible combination based on the University's specific communication projects, accompanying the University in creating and operating large and small media.

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