Tourism Business Simulation Week 2021: my memorable experience

(VLU, 21/06/2021) - On June 14, 2021, Van Lang University's Faculty of Tourism held the opening week of "Tourism business simulation 2021". This is an annual subject for 4th year students in the curriculum of Tourism student. In light of the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, all activities in the program were held online on the MS Team application.

Taking place from June 14 to June 18, 2021, Tourism Business Simulation is a course aimed at simulating the way a tourism business is managed with a full range of operational components, systematizing professional knowledge in the business and management of travel businesses such as corporate governance, operations, human resource management, service management, market research, product and service distribution, customer relations, marketing, etc. Through this module, students are trained necessary skills for future jobs such as teamwork, adapting to work pressure, searching and analyzing information, logical thinking, handling situations, communicating effectively, presenting in front of a crowd, training professional ethics, complying with regulations, learning tasks and lifelong self-study.

This event was attended by lecturers of the Tourism Department, guests with expertise in tourism from Saigontourist, Ben Thanh Tourist, Images Travel and Nam Quoc Group and gathered more than 100 students of Course 23, divided into 10 subgroups corresponding to 10 travel companies belonging to the same tourism group. In this model, the teachers of the Faculty of Tourism will act as the Board of Directors (BOD) to run the group.

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep nThe entire Business Simulation Week 2021 is conducted online via the MS Team app.

To start business, companies will be granted an initial capital of USD 500,000 by the Board of Directors to build businesses and build tours. At this time, the Board of Directors of the group is the advisor and creates the requirements for the companies. However, each question that the company has for the Board of Directors is charged a fee to encourage the creative spirit, proactively explore and improve the work of businesses.

After the opening ceremony, the companies officially went into operation and the competition was fierce. Companies quickly convene a meeting of members to plan their business, calculate costs from personnel to activities so that they can make initial investment decisions for the Board of Directors. Each member of the company holds a position and performs tasks corresponding to their position to make the company operate in the best way.

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep oUnicorn Travel Company is attending the bidding for tourism products with the participation of Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh - Deputy Head of Sales Department, Domestic Tourism Division - Saigontourist Travel Service Company.

We were able to participate in a seminar on Event Organization and a seminar on Sale - Marketing with guest speakers from Saigontourist, Ben Thanh Tourist, Images Travel and Nam Quoc Group. By sharing their enthusiasm and experience, the speakers provide a lot of useful information so that we can apply it directly to practice, build and calculate the tour price for a tour program, convince customers to buy the tour and get profit for the company. After the lessons, we even had to write the script for the final event together!

Companies design their own tour posters following the request of the Board of Directors:

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep a

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep b

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep d

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep e

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep c

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep f

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep g

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep j

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep l

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep m

Until now, I have fully understood the saying "Business is like a battlefield"! After receiving the business results in season 1, we were extremely worried and began to calculate with the numbers to be able to make business decisions in season 2 so that the profit achieved is higher than other companies. Companies have to participate in intense bidding with the Board of Directors for their tourism products. Not only competing in business activities, but the Guides and Executives in each company must participate in the "Tourism Challenge" contest to affirm that: "My company's personnel is the strongest!"

Then we overcame everything when the teammates found a common voice, divided the work properly for each member, and the most difficult projects began to have directions. In addition, teachers are always there to encourage and support. A stressful week ended, each company had its business results, presented a report to the Board of Directors on the morning of June 18, 2021 and shared the advantages and difficulties the company encountered in 2 seasons. What I feel most impressed when participating in this year's Business Simulation Week is all the activities, meetings or events, bidding, business reports, etc. . are all through the online form on the MS Team application. This is both interesting and challenging for us.

vlu lop hoc mo phong doanh nghiep thumbThe Let it shine closing ceremony honors businesses with excellent achievements in Simulation Week.

Tourism Business Simulation Week closes with many attractive prizes: - Grand Prix: INTO12 TRAVEL Enterprise - Award for excellent business performance: VHOLIC TRAVEL enterprise - Tourism Challenge vocational skills award: NEW SKY TRAVEL Enterprise & VAN TRAVEL Enterprise - Style Enterprise Award: DYNAMIC TRAVEL Enterprise & Dat Vu SOUND Enterprise - Prize for impressive simulation moments: VHOCLIC TRAVEL Enterprise & VAN TRAVEL Enterprise - Poster Award: UNICORN TRAVEL Enterprise

Tourism Business Simulation Week is also the last subject of Course 23 of Tourism & Travel Service Management, which ended in the happiness of both teachers and students. Not only is it an interesting subject, bringing a lot of useful knowledge and experiences to me, Tourism Business Simulation Week is also a beautiful round mark for my years of living and studying at Van Lang.


Quang Huy, K23 student majoring in Tourism & Travel Service Management
Image: the competition teams in the Tourism Business Simulation class in 2021
Video clip: Teacher Nguyen Thanh Ngoc Thach - Faculty of Tourism


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