VLU students write in response to World Environment Day

(VLU, 21/6/2021) - In June 2021, Van Lang University organized a writing contest in response to World Environment Day, creating opportunities for students who are interested in environmental issues to present, express opinions and raise voices in favor of green life.

Every year, on World Environment Day June 5, the Secretary-General of the United Nations will send to the community official messages on environmental issues or the right way to protect the environment. Accordingly, environmental organizations, units and governments organize a series of activities in response to corresponding environmental protection work. With the theme "Generation Restoration", activities to respond to World Environment Day 2021 revolve around how to change and improve people's living environment, and reduce the burden of waste and pollution globally.

Joining the atmosphere to celebrate World Environment Day, Van Lang University organized a writing contest in response to World Environment Day, creating an opportunity for students to express their personal views on two main topics:

  • “Please point out current environmental problems and messages to people around the world”
  • “Imagine you are one of the environmental factors, tell humanity how their impact has changed you in recent years”

vlu cuoc thi viet ngay moi truong z

With sensitivity to the current issues and creativity, Van Lang students have written many articles with unique perspectives, showing concern for the environment and appreciating the wonderful values ​​that nature has to offer. Some played the role of a crocodile whose skin is made into branded bags; some played the role of a drop of water, or the sea expressed the pain they have suffered because of people's unconscious actions… Through this, student Van Lang calls on people to look back on their selfish habit, join hands to create a greener, cleaner and more beautiful environment.

After 2 weeks of launching, the contest received 25 entries with a variety of topics. The contests submitted to the Organizing Committee are posted on the fanpage of the Youth Union of Van Lang University and voted through interaction. The entries that win the First, Second and Third prizes will be decided 50% based on the number of votes, 50% from the evaluation of the Organizing Committee.


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