The Faculty of Accounting - Auditing organized the academic contest on “Accounting Competition 2021”

(VLU27/6/2021) - The “Accounting Competition 2021” organized by the Faculty of Accounting - Auditing had taken place starting from 02 June 2021. After a month of competing, the first prize was awarded to To Tran Tien - Accounting students of Course 24 of Van Lang University.

Van Lang University’s Accounting division offers many accredited applied training courses, especially the “Enterprise Accounting Simulation” program dedicated for third-year students. This program is lectured by the head accountants to help students get a realistic approach to their future career. Besides, the periodical academic contests also facilitate the students to practice their knowledge, enhance the professional skills and experience. The excellent students will be nominated to become the representative of the Faculty to compete in upper level competitions. 

“Accounting Contest 2021” was the latest competition for Accounting students, starting from 02 June 2021 with two rounds. Round 1 was the General Knowledge round (02 - 04 June 2021) and Round 2 was the Writing Contest (06 - 15 June 2021).

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In the first round - “General Knowledge”, the contestants should answer 30 multiple-choice questions within 45 minutes on the E-learning portal. The contents of this round focused on the Principles of Accounting, Micro-Macroeconomy, etc. As a result, the students could revise the knowledge related to theories, principles and fundamental techniques of the Accounting major.

Once the first round was completed, all contestants should move to the second round “Learning about the International Financial Reporting Standards - IFRS”. This round required the students to write an essay ranging from 1,500 to 2,000 words on the topics related to IFRS (history, issuing and managing unit, the importances of IFRS, implementing procedure, challenges and opportunities when applying in Vietnam, comparison with other standards and regulation, etc.)

After nearly a month of competing, the Organizing Committee had announced the list of the brightest students, including:

  • First prize: To Tran Tien (third-year)
  • Second prize: Ta Thi  Thanh Hoa (third-year)
  • Third prize: Tran Ngoc Phuong Nguyen (third-year)
  • Most excellent group: K25KT8
  • Bright student prize of the first round: Bui Thien Nhu (third-year)

Obtaining the first prize thanks to the essay on “The differences between 15th and 14th International Financial Reporting Standards; and their impacts on Vietnamese enterprises when applying the IFRS”, To Tran Tien said: “This was my first time participating in a Faculty’s competition so I was very anxious. Since my topic is not a popular research focus, it makes me worry even more. Because of the length limitation of 1,500 to 2,000 words, I have to filter the most hands-on contents to introduce a comprehensive content for the readers. After consulting with the lecturer, I was able to complete my essay and gain strong confidence in it.

As the “Accounting Contest 2021” offered the students with useful knowledge, helped them to enhance their professional skills in Accounting - Auditing and contributed to the vast and diversified academic activities dedicated for VLU students amidst the recent Covid-19 outbreak.

Reporter: My Tien

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