The seminar on “Branding Communications for Future Marketers” for Commerce students

(VLU, 26/4/2021) -On the morning of 24 April 2021 in room A11.04 - Van Lang University's main campus, the seminar on “Branding Communications for Future Marketers” organized by the Faculty of Commerce had successfully took place under the directions of Mr. Nguyen Dinh Toan, Executive Vice President of Marketing of Suntory Pepsico Vietnam.

At the seminar, speaker Nguyen Dinh Toan had enthusiastically introduced Commerce students, and particularly Marketing students about Branding Management in the Fourth to help the final-year students to accurately define the term “Brand” and how to do “Branding” in Marketing.

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Recently, the term “Business Branding” is quite familiar to the public. “Are branding and product different?” - Mr. Nguyen Dinh Toan answered this question based on his personal perspectives and with specific examples - “When the consumers purchase an iPhone, they do not buy mere cell phones but they buy luxury and trending products based on what iPhone offers, which technical element only a part among them. When they decide to buy the product, they will unconsciously say that “I buy an iPhone” instead of “I buy a cell phone”. This phenomenon is a success of the iPhone and it is thanks to the Marketers of this brand.

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To inspire the final-year students with ambiguousness in their future career as an actual marketer, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Toan stated: “Doing Marketing is doing Branding, focusing on the Brand and making a Branding strategy.” According to Mr. Toan, a marketer must understand that before coming up with a branding strategy, the first thing is to work on the brand positioning of the enterprise; understand the strengths and weaknesses; and identify the challenges of the brand; thus preparing efficient investments and strategies. He reaffirmed: “Customer’s insights are among the most important factors to build up a successful strategy. Different customers will have different insights and there will be no sole insight. Our job is to analyze and find out the core insights. The brand does not exist physically but only exists in the customer’s mind!”

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At the seminar, the students asked many questions about knowledge and experience to deal with real cases. A student shared her own experience when going on an internship at a small company: “They did not ask us to work on the business branding but to boost the sales performance”. Mr. Toan explained this situation: “Small companies, which do not have stable financial resources, must work out a way to survive on the market and not many companies are aware of the importance of business branding.” To help the students to achieve their goals to become professional marketers, Mr. Toan shared “If you would like to do good branding for an enterprise, you must do good branding for yourselves! It is better if you could understand what you demand and your potential instead of asking for advice from other people.

In conclusion, the Faculty of Commerce received much positive feedback from the students. The event had inspired the future Marketers to prepare the best for their upcoming career.

Reporter: Le Thuy Thuy Trang
Commerce student

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