Studying Human Resource Management with students of Q Family

Learning model in combination with businesses

"University is full of "dry" theory that has nothing to do with future work. Then I only received a paper called Diploma. It is the preconception about university that has become an invisible barrier for me when I set foot in the big lecture hall". However, that thought completely disappeared when Tuyen and her friends came to MA. Tran Duc Tai 's inspirational class, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration, with the same classes of many other funny teachers.

Being attached to "Learning through experience" motto, the Faculty of Business Administration creates favorable conditions for students to have many opportunities to interact and practice at businesses while still be in school. As a direct instructor in the Recruitment and Staffing section of the class, Mr. Tai is interested in the practical values which students receive after class. That is not only a quantity of theoretical knowledge from books but also a practical method, judgment and face-to-face experience, listening to the actual requirements of employers.

In Van Lang University, with the exciting life pace, we can participate in many workshops, talkshows or training courses on a variety of topics. Mr. Tai connects with reputable businesses to organize workshops, creating opportunities for us to experience and understand the field of Human Resources through the perspective of businesses. Attending those special classes, I "discovered" many things that I’ve never known before. I was told by Ms. Nguyen Thuy Van, Human Resources Director of Hung Vuong Saigon Investment and Development Joint Stock Company, about the key elements of recruitment and staffing in a practical operation organization, understand the actual recruitment process and the common mistakes of candidates during the interview to avoid making them in the future.

vlu workshop tuyen dung nhan su khoa quan tri kinh doanh bWorkshops are integrated in the curriculum which create favorable conditions for students to approach businesses.

We also got acquainted with DISC, the personality analysis tool, to apply to the job of seeking suitable personnel for the vacancy. In the Recruiting and Staffing module, besides the interesting workshop, there are also "demo" sessions to help Q Family students clearly visualize the preparation for a professional interview with a full process. In this "demo", we play the role of candidates attending the interview and the company's recruitment committee, experiencing the tests that are close to reality taking place in the selections. We are taught how to dress appropriately, how to talk or make an impression in the first meeting. It can be said that, for me, the experiences and sharing from the subjects whom we contact with and work with in the future is a baggage that helps me be more confident when working in systems and businesses.

"Extra enjoyment” with the Q family

"Hey guys, taking the roll-call!" Every time entering the class, the teacher's voice sounded like that, starting an interesting class. For me and my friends, the classes of the Faculty in general and of Mr. Tai in particular are always interesting and full of laughter. Through exciting group exercises and humorous sayings, Mr. Tai brought positive energy to all students when they came to class. The free university environment and closed teachers allow us to express our opinions and ask questions every time, making the class always "noisy" in a positive way.

vlu hoc quan tri nguon nhan luc cung sinh vien nha q aThe connection between teachers and students is one of the important factors that make the classroom always happy.

My friends and I often say that the Faculty of Business Administration is a family. All members of the family love and are willing to share to each other. We come to class not only to learn and receive knowledge, but also to connect and take care for each other through extracurricular activities and collective activities. In December 2020, at the end of the Human Resource Management course, our whole class planned to hold a secret party, both to celebrate the end of the course and to give Mr. Tran Duc Tai a surprise happiness on his birthday.

vlu hoc quam tri nguon nhan luc dGroup lessons are an opportunity to bring people together

vlu hoc quan tri nguon nhan luc cung sinh vien nha q cBirthday party in Course 24's class in Recruitment and Staffing

To me, the teachers of the Faculty of Business Administration are talented "artists" on the podium. If being without teachers who know how to spread positive energy and create a distinct style, the class will become boring. Three - year studying made me appreciate and love the people here even more. Thanks to Van Lang for not being a place that only gives me a "paper called a diploma" but has become a school, a beloved home with beautiful memories and luggage on the road ahead.

Hanh Tuyen - Thanh Sang


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