Van Lang Social Work Team: 25 - Year Positive Inspiration Pervasiveness

(VLU, 09/2/2021) – 25-year establishment and expansion associated with the development of Van Lang University, the Social Work Team has always fulfilled contributing mission to society and beautified VLU's image. Above all, this is the place that has accompanied and positively inspired 26 generations of Van Lang students.

On January 9, 1996, Social Work Club, the predecessor of the Social Work Team, was established with purpose of gathering students who share a common interest in community activities and social support and self - training. Starting as a small club, the Social Work Team is now one of the largest student clubs of Van Lang University.

25 years of establishment and development, the Student Working Group has experienced 23 the Board of Directing’s generations. With a strong scale and frequency of activities, the Social Work Team attracts a large number of students. Since the 15th course, every year the Team has about 150 official members. In particular, this is a school-level club having a large number of programs with about 20 programs/ semester.

It is believed that only cohesion, only continuity can build a strong Team and ignite fire to each other. That is meaning of logo printed on team's uniform associated with generations of Social Work Teams from 2006 to present. The design of the triangle-shaped block with 3 arms tied together, wrapping with a red heart inside, represents the solidarity and attachment of many student generations doing social work with enthusiastic hearts and toward community for beautifying the life.

vlu 25 nam ctxh hThe familiar blue shirts at Van Lang University's events

25 years with meaningful programs

During 25-year operation, journey of Van Lang University’s Social Work Team is associated with many programs such as voluntary blood donation, opened home trip, Mid-Autumn Festival for children, team building, skill activities, theme activities, etc that have become "brands" among Van Lang students.

Voluntary Blood Donation

Voluntary blood donation is an annual activity, in which the Social Work Team has main responsibility in all activities, concluding: contacting, propagating, organizing and coordinating with the Humanitarian Blood Donation Center of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a program that spreads strongly the spirit for community of Van Lang students.

vlu 25 nam ctxh jSocial Work Team supports voluntary blood donors for the batch in November 2020

Opened Home Trips

It may be Cu Chi town, inner city or further places like the shelters in Dong Nai Province and so on. Those are the most expected trips in each semester to team members put on the Team shirt, visit and do many meaningful things together at the shelters.

vlu 25 nam ctxh iThe trip to Thien Phuoc opened home by the members of the Social Work Team

"Mid-Autumn Festival for you"

“Mid-Autumn Festival for you” is one of the typical big programs of Social Work Team since 2012. Every year, the Team directly plans, sponsors and organizes implementation. It takes 3 months to prepare with advance party, fund - raising, gift preparation, etc. After that, the team members together gave the students a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival.

Each trip usually lasts two days and one night. Up to now, the team has had 9 seasons of "Mid-Autumn Festival for you" filled with love to many provinces such as Binh Phuoc, Ben Tre, An Giang, Binh Thuan and most recently, Kien Giang.

vlu 25 nam ctxh fThe "Mid-Autumn Festival for you" program at Giong Ke Secondary School in Hon Dat, Kien Giang Province

 “25 Years – Proceed with the success”

On January 9th, 2021, Social Work Team of Van Lang University organized the "25 years – Proceed with the success" program to celebrate the 25th anniversary. This was a reunion of generations’ team members to look back on the long journey with many imprints, harmonizing values ​​between old generation and bright beliefs of new generation.

vlu 25 nam ctxh kGenerations of Team members shared their joyfulness in the Team's 25th birthday

 “25 Years – Proceed with the success” was also an opportunity for Social Work Team to honor the dedication and contributions of individuals who have always given their best support to the Team's development in the past years.

vlu 25 nam ctxh bHonoring typical faces who actively contribute to the Team's activities

Especially, marking the 25-year milestone of the Team's formation and development, in the presence of many leading generations, the new "leading" members received the sacred fire, pledging to make social work team further developed.

The joy, spirit and responsibility of generations have become the biggest motivation for Social Work Team to always believe and continue moving forward. It’s not only at the pride of 25 years, but in the future it will be 30 years, 35 years and more than that.

vlu 25 nam ctxh dThe traditional fire-receiving ceremony of the Social Work Team

vlu 25 nam ctxh eHappy 25th birthday of the Social Work Team

vlu 25 nam ctxh a Happy smiles and tears of generations marked at the 25th Anniversary of Social Work Team



Nguyen Thi Hong Anh
Former member of the Social Work Team’s Executive Board
Photo: Social Work Team, Tinh Nguyen

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