DIAMANTE 2020 - time to make wonders come true

(VLU25/12/2020) – On December 22, 2020, the signature program of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing for the first time organized under the name "DIAMANTE 2020" took place with a lively, eager atmosphere and closed with the pride of accounting and auditing students.

In 2020, with a new look, a new name, the signature program of the Faculty of Accounting - Auditing returns as DIAMANTE.

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DIAMANTE Concert 2020 - VICE gives students a different perspective on life. From mistakes, we will be more mature, more appreciating those around us.

DIAMANTE 2020 chooses groceries to recall a familiar, nostalgic image. In particular, at DIAMANTE, this is a recollection grocery store called "BACKWARDS", where people can express their feelings and want to go back in time to change.

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After sending back the confidings in the grocery, the opening of the program of accounting students gave teachers gratitude and dear wishes through the song "Live like flowers"

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In response to this dear sentiment, the teachers of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing also performed the top performance of the song "Student Piano" extremely cute and close.

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Through the program, the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing also presented typical examples in the association's work and activities, creating motivation for new students to strive in the upcoming university journey.

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vlu nguoc lOpening the fascinating festival section with a drama performance that conveys humane messages.

vlu nguoc mYour circus performance Le Pham The Vu was enthusiastically cheered by the audience by talent and professionalism.

The signature DIAMANTE 2020 program brings many special performances to create a vibrant atmosphere with the participation of alumni, clubs, teams and students from other faties. The repertoire has created a vibrant and modern atmosphere, but still retains the characteristics of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. This is also an opportunity for new students to have a playground, exchange with siblings and continue the media gratitude to teachers.

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DIAMANTE 2020 has closed with many levels of emotions. The program is a milestone marking the beginning of the signature program of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. Hopefully in the coming years, DIAMANTE will still receive a lot of love from students, thereby spreading many meaningful messages of Accountant Van Lang.


Le Nhu Ngoc - DIAMANTE Program Communications Department 2020
Photo: Van Lang Photographers

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