The 2021 “Youth Union and Student Association Cadres’ Day” of Van Lang University

(VLU, 29/04/2021) – On April 28, the “Youth Union and Students Association Cadres’ Day” of Van Lang University was held with the attendance of a great number of the Union’s cadres and the school’s administrators, and the Executive Committee of the Youth Union and Student Association.

The Youth Union - Association's Officers' Day 2021 is an activity to honor the Union's cadres with good results in learning, youth movement activities, and active contributions to the building and development of the Youth Union-Association in the school year 2019-2020. This is an opportunity for Van Lang’s Union and Association’s members, and students to access emulation titles and create motivation to strive for their learning and training.

Ph.D. Vo Van Tuan – Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Vice-Rector of Van Lang University; Comrade Chau Thoai Ve - Secretary of the Youth Union; Comrade Pham Quoc Anh – Member of the Standing Committee of the VLU’s Youth Union attended the event, along with representatives of the VLU’s Youth Union and representative lecturers from the faculties.

“The other day, when I stood in front of the cadres of the Youth Union and Student Association, who were typical examples of Van Lang University's excellent students, I was filled with youthful emotions. I joined the Youth Union on May 7, 1983. At that time, life was very difficult but got to be on the Youth Union team, I was very honored because I felt that I had served the country. As Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice-Rector of the school, I appeal to the VLU students. You have many opportunities comparing to previous generations, and in any case, let's try our best to give and experience. The dedications to the Youth Union, society, and the country are good contributions that can follow us throughout our lives. I hope you will do good, useful acts for the society, yourself and your family."  - Ph.D. Vo Van Tuan - Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Vice Principal, shared at the event.

vlu doan hoiPh.D. Vo Van Tuan - Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Vice-Rector, sharing his thought at the event

Also at the event, Comrade Chau Thoai Ve - Secretary of the Youth Union of Van Lang University shared: "Sometimes the work process meets many difficulties, but I still feel happy and delighted because I always receive the care and support from teachers and school administrator. The movement activities of Van Lang University are currently being considered good. I hope in the future, the youth of Van Lang University will continue to spread this flame to the younger generations and build the student role models of the faculties and the school."

At the Youth Union–Student Association Day 2021, Van Lang University awarded the following awards: Students of Five Merits (120 students at Faculty level, 19 students at University level), prizes for the Youth Union and Student Association’s cadres (125 excellent cadres, typical cadres of 11 units, 15 active collaborators), Shinhan Bank scholarships and Lotte scholarships for students with good academic performance and training score. In addition, the University presented awards to individuals and units that have made positive contributions in talent in movement activities: 10 students and clubs (CDsCrew Group, Street Workout Club), honored and commended 8 individuals from the Standing Committee of the VLU’s Youth Union, the Secretariat of VLU’sStudent Union; awarded the title of "Excellent Collective" for 6 faculties (Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Social and Humanities, Faculty of Public Relations and Communication, Faculty of Tourism, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Health Faculties); The title of "Excellent Unit" in the school year 2019-2020 for 6 clubs and teams (Event Club, Blue Backpack Skills Club, Volleyball Club, Football Club, Badminton Club, Social Work Team).

vlu doan hoi dComrade Chau Thoai Ve presenting awards to excellent Union officials and Associations in the academic year 2019 – 2020

The title of Van Lang University’s Most Outstanding Cadre of the Youth Union and Student Association belonged to Thai Thanh Sang - a student from the Faculty of Commerce. It is known that this year was the first year that the Standing Committee of the Youth Union and the Secretariat had agreed and honored the best individual in terms of academic performance, activities, contribution, and long-term efforts. Thai Thanh Sang has a Youth Project that is currently being tested at Van Lang University. The project focuses on solving and overcoming situations that he and those around him often encounter such as the loss of small objects like parking cards, keys, or student IDs.

vlu doan hoi bThai Thanh Sang – student of the Faculty of Commerce is honored to be the Most Outstanding Cadre of the Youth Union and Student Association in the school year 2019-2020

vlu doan hoi g


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Translated by: Anh Phuong

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