VLU's student activities in March

(VLU, 30/03/2021) - March 2021 was the month for the Youth to celebrate the 90th founding anniversary of the HCMC Communist Youth Union. Therefore, Van Lang students kept living on the dynamic spirit and creativity to carry out more exciting and meaningful activities.

Debut of MV “De thay noi cho ma nghe - Let the teacher tell you”

On 07 March 2021, VLU Youth Union had debuted the MV “De thay noi cho ma nghe” to deliver nine core value of Van Lang students, which are “Righteous - Responsible - Positive - Proactive - Constantly developing - Results-driven - Refining and Inheriting - Cooperative”.

With the catchy and beautiful melody, the MV was also a Youth Union’s gift dedicated to the back-to-school occasion for the students.

Watch MV.

VLU Youth Union launched the online writing contest about “Prime time and Youth”

From 19 to 30 March 2021, VLU Youth Union launched a writing contest about “Prime time and Youth” for all VLU students. Participations must write at least 500 words with illustrations provided by themselves or on the internet...

The contest offered students the opportunity to share the unforgettable stories about youth, friendship, feeling and experience during their prime time. After just ten days, the Organizing Committee had received more than 100 submissions from the students. 

vlu thanh xuân

Results of the contest:

  • First prize: Pham Thi Linh - Social Sciences and Humanities student of Course 25.
  • Second prizes: Nguyen Tran Mai Tram - Tourism student of course 25 and Le Thanh Tien - PR student of Course 25.
  • Third prizes: Ha Nhu Ngoc Khanh Huyen - Commerce student of course 24, Nguyen Pham Anh Thu - BA student of Course 25 and Dang Van Phat - PR student of Course 25.

The 90th Founding Anniversary of the HCMC Communist Youth Union

On the morning of 26 March 2021, VLU Youth Union had organized a meeting in celebration of the 90th Founding Anniversary of the Youth Union. The meeting welcomed Dr. Vo Van Tuan - Member of the Communist Party and VLU’s Standing Vice-President, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Thuy - VLU Union’s Chairwoman and all the Youth Union members. Having spent quite some times accompanying and supporting VLU’s extra-activities, Dr. Vo Van Tuan had shared a lot of good things and encouraged all the Youth Union members to dedicate more, study more and improve their skills thanks to their participation at the Youth Union.

In the meeting, comrade Chau Thoai Ve - the secretary of VLU’s Youth Union had announced the “Van Lang students say no to drugs and social crimes; and strictly obey the Traffic Safety Regulation” project.

vlu 90 nam

The month of Youth in 2021 had created a colorful image of young, dynamic and creative VLU generations. We hope that VLU students can continue to generate more exciting campaigns and activities in the next months.

Dept. of Admissions and Communications (collected)

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