Trendy Maker: to avoid a tedious “Covid” distancing day

(VLU, 15/06/2021) - To create more networking activities for VLU students during the social distancing, from 03 to 12 June 2021, VLU Youth Communist Union ornigazed the Trendy Maker contest - a online event allowing VLU young generate to show their creativities.

Short-video trends on social networks are very familiar with young generations. To take advantage of the trend and to facilitate the anti-Covid-19 campaigns, Van Lang University has organized the Trendy Maker Challenge. This brand new activity is very trendy and at the same time, helps the students to overcome tedious time during the social distancing and spread beautiful messages to the society during the tensive time like this.

vlu trendy maker cTrendy Maker Challenge is an online activity that entertains VLU students during their online studying and social distancing.

Per regulations, from 03 to 12 June 2021, the participating students must create one video clip with the length of less than 90 second to deliver one of the following topics:

  • Encouraging online studying spirit for Van Lang students
  • Promoting the 5K rules to fight against the pandemic
  • Promoting the unity of VLU students and all Vietnamese amidst the fight against the pandemic
  • Honoring the voluntary medical staff, who are taking care of Covid-19 patients

The prizes consist of:

  • 01 first prize: 1,500,000 VND and a certificate of recognition
  • 01 second prize: 1,00,000 VND and a certificate of recognition
  • 01 third prize: 500,000 VND and a certificate of recognition
  • 01 prize for creativity: 500,000 VND a certificate of recognition
  • 01 prize for excellent content: 500,000 VND and a certificate of recognition

All the submissions will be published on the Fan page VLU Youth Communist Union for voting and evaluation through interaction count (reaction = 3 pts, comment = 4 pts and share = 5 pts).

vlu trendy maker aAdorable video from CLICK PR II team.

As a participating team, CLICK PR II said: “Covid does not bring loneliness - we will usually become tired and blue during the social distancing period preventing us from going out and meeting each other. Our video delivered the message: “Wherever you are or whatever you do, we still have tons of ways to connect with friends and develop ourselves. Therefore, do not feel tedious, just think this is a rare occasion for us to rethink about ourselves and discover new things

vlu trendy maker bAs a member of a dance crew, Nguyen Tram Anh has performed a short choreography from the song “Viet Nam oi! Danh bay Covid - Oh Vietnam! Let’s beat Covid” to encourage VLU students during the social distancing period.

Amidst the intensive situation of the fourth Covid-19 outbreak in Vietnam, many activities were canceled in regret. The introduction of Trendy Maker Challenge will entertain the students to overcome exhaustive exams and keep one another in a loop during the social distancing period.

Reporter: Hoai Anh (collected)
Photo: Van Lang University Youth Communist Union 

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