Magic Squad - Van Lang Uiversity's Green Summer Campaign 2020

(VLU, July 30, 2020) - On July 18, 2020, the opening ceremony of Van Lang University's Green Summer campaign 2020 was officially launched at Trinh Cong Son Hall (main Campus). With the participation of more than 1000 soldiers, the ceremony marked the beginning of a new series of volunteer journeys of Van Lang soldiers.

The Green Summer volunteer campaign received a lot of attention from students of Van Lang University. After two days of opening the application, the Steering Committee received more than 500 registrations and within one week, the total number of registrations reached more than 2,000 applications.

vlu mxh a

 The Green Summer 2020 identity set was released with the meaning "Soldiers will transform into talented magicians, carrying with them different blocks of miracles whose power source comes from the very meaning of the names of the teams.

vlu AVA mhxVan Lang University's Green Summer 2020 identity set is dynamic, unique and lovely.

7 Green Summer 2020 squads and the missions

vlu moitruongEnvironment: The Environment squad works together against the evil forces of garbage. Energetic magicians in life, preferring rain and sunshine just to bring beauty to the roads, alleys, and small dikes around Van Lang University.

vlu ntm

New Rural: The New Rural Warriors are magicians with skills, high requirements for health, good resistance and especially steel spirit, alert enough to cope with all difficulties.

vlu ksnht

Hostel survey: This is a squad that goes around the districts to look for rooms, houses, etc., which are safe for new students in the new school year.

vlu ttCommunication: The Media team is responsible for bringing Green Summer's information closer to everyone. This is the squad that sends cheerful and lively stories with true images of the campaign to everyone.

vlu sonvePaint: Brushes and Colors are Paint's most important power holding tools. Magicians whose hands are full of 10 fingers are talented, love freshness and live with vibrant colors. The boring gray colors will be conquered by Paint Squad with their meticulousness and ingenuity.

vlu tnxkYouth Shock squad: "The youth do not dare difficulties and will come when people are in need" Just with this slogan, as long as you need help, the power of the Youth Shock squad will be activated.

vlu vnxkSocial Practical Skills & Shock Arts: This is a squad that loves arts, loves art, loves children and essential skills in life. Our team of 'Ky-Nghe” (Skill and Art)' will transmit knowledge and skills through the organization of collective games.

At the Opening Ceremony, to encourage the spirit and enthusiasm, MSc. Vo Van Tuan - Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Vice Rector of the University had moments to share about his youth memories when participating in the activities of the Union - Association. 

vlu mxh fMSc. Vo Van Tuan - Secretary of the Party Committee, Standing Vice Rector of Van Lang University shared with students at the Opening Ceremony of Green Summer 2020

vlu mxh bComing to the opening ceremony of the Green Summervolunteer campaign 2020, the soldiers brought attractive musical performances

 In order to increase the soldiers’ enthusiasm, the Green Summer campaign 2020 command board carried out a flag procession and fire transmission with the desire to convey the spirit, the fire of enthusiasm, and the volunteer heart to students.

vlu mxh cAfter the command board performed the flag procession ceremony, Mr. Vo Van Tuan performed the fire transmission ceremony for the commander of the campaign.

The opening ceremony closed but opened a series of joyful and youthful volunteer activities of Van Lang students. 

Pham Hoang Thuy Vy
Photo: Media lineup of Green Summer 2020 campaign

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