The students majoring in Korean Studies of Van Lang University received a 6-month scholarship at a university in Korea

(VLU, 30/11/2020) - Returning from the 1st Korean writing contest named "The Past Exam" organized by King Sejong Institute Ho Chi Minh City 4 in collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City University of Transport, Du Huynh Huong, a student of the Course 25 majoring in Korean Studies - Oriental Studies - Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of Van Lang University was still very surprised at her achievement in the competition.

As one of 30 finalists, Huynh Huong excellently won the third prize with a 6-month scholarship at Korea Maritime and Ocean University.

The contest was divided into 2 rounds: in the qualifying round, candidates sent their articles via email, then 30 best articles were selected to enter the Final round. In the final round, the candidates gathered at the University of Transport to take a written exam on the topic given by the organizers within 50 minutes. Scores and prize rankings were announced on the day of the competition.

Huynh Huong said: “I originally thought that this was just an opportunity to learn, I took part in the contest in a very relaxed mood. Before participating in the contest, I and some of my classmates were supported by the lecturer about the writing rules, how to write an effective essay. Moreover, my lecturer also helped correct our essays."

In the qualifying round, the contestants were free to choose a topic. After deciding to choose "My efforts for learning Korean" as her writing topic, Huynh Huong talked about the process from being passionate about Kpop culture to deciding to study Korean and the difficulties in her learning process. After that, Huong shared her experience about how to overcome and improve her Korean language ability.

vlu sv du huynh huong giai ba viet tieng han eWith the third prize in the Korean writing contest, Huynh Huong received a 6-month scholarship at Korea Maritime and Ocean University.

At the final round, the theme given by the organizers was: "Learning Korean and then what to do for Vietnam?". Huynh Huong wrote about the process of learning and applying Korean in her real life as well as other young people. From there, she offered solutions on how to bring her knowledge of kimchi’s country to help Vietnam in many aspects, especially in the relationship between Vietnam and Korea.

Accompanying Van Lang University students throughout the competition was the lecturer Tran Thi Diem Hang. Beside giving the students the opportunity to participate in a useful contest, Ms. Hang always encouraged and guided the candidates from Van Lang University like Huong in the process of brainstorming ideas and completing the articles.

vlu sv du huynh huong giai ba viet tieng han cThe homeroom teacher Tran Thi Diem Hang was the one who always accompanied Huong in the contest

When being asked about her experience of learning Korean effectively, Huynh Huong honestly shared: "When you learn any languages, memorizing vocabulary is always the most important thing. I usually spend a lot of time learning vocabulary. Besides, I also practice listening skills with Korean movies and reality shows which improves my professional skills and makes learning more fun!

vlu sv du huynh huong giai ba viet tieng hanHuynh Huong was congratulated by her lecturers and friends after achieving high results

With the intention of studying abroad as an exchange student of Van Lang University, Huynh Huong determined that she had to make more efforts by constantly improving her Korean language to be ready to conquer the upcoming challenges.

Writer: Hồng Ngân
Photos: Huynh Huong

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