Graduation project of Van Lang University’s Fashion Design Department in 2020: endless inspiration from culture and life

(VLU, July 28, 2020) - On July 20, 2020, Course 20's students of the Fashion Design Department completed their graduation projects at Exhibition Room, Campus 3. All projects were good and some of them were highly evaluated by the Council with their ideas and expression.

The council for the graduation project of the Fashion Design Department in 2020 included: Dr. Ma Thanh Cao (Chairman of the Council), Designer. Le Thanh Hoa (Member), Artist. Dzung Yoko (Member), Designer. Dao Le Dieu Anh (Member), Designer. Tran Cao Anh Tuan (Member), MSc. Hoang Thi Ai Nhan (Secretary).

The image of Nature in Fashion language

The collection “Minihive” by Nguyen Thuy Phuong was inspired by the familiar honeycomb, aimed at girls who love the minimalist, elegant style. She changed the basic shirt form by smocking technique, applying mesh fabric to create a honeycomb shape.

vlu do an thoi trang aThe collection Minihive by Nguyen Thuy Phuong was highly evaluated and suggested to be more complete in choosing synchronized, metallic accessories to coordinate with the outfit and add to the pastel yellow color of the honeycomb.

With her desire to convey a message to protect the natural beauty which is gradually disappearing because of pollution, the collection J.E by Tran Nu Kieu Trinh came from the image of Vietnam rivers and oceans when seen from a satellite and photo taken by Zoon Earth App. Using jeans with different shapes of blue, Kieu Trinh applied a mesh fabric method to create, wash and laser cut to decorate. 

vlu do an thoi trang cDecorative motifs on the costumes are stylized from the various forms of the river flowing into the sea.

The creative idea was highly appreciated despite some limitations such as the design are hard and didn’t exploit the highlights of ideas.

People and social problem: challenging topic to students

From his own experience about retinal pigment degeneration or night blindness, Xuan Thanh turned four basic symptoms of the disease into his inspiration for a graduation project named Nyctalopia. The collection is full of liberal and dynamic techwear style that received many compliments from the Council.

vlu do an thoi trang fThrough his collection Nyctalopia, Xuan Thanh hoped to convey his optimism. He said “when you have to face any problem, the first thing you should do is facing instead of hiding from it.

Vo Duc Thinh chose natural disaster to prepare his project. The collection Australia- the flow of time came from forest fires disaster in Australia in 2019-2020. This expressed 4 stages of disaster: before, burning, ruins, and revival.  

vlu do an thoi trang dAustralia - the flow of time had fashion style of 80s

Dr. Ma Thanh Cao gave a big compliment that he dared to choose a difficult topic and the vividness of the project but also commented that the way of handling material and designing still follows the old path.

Culture - unlimited inspiration sources 

Getting inspiration from Novel “Thunderstorm” (author Vu Trong Phung) and Vietnamese fashion during the French colonial period, the collection “Ay ai mot chut, deo bong xuyt xoa” by Le Thi Xuan exploited and used some life events and inner change of character Mich. The way that texture system was developed was highly evaluated by the council, but the project still lacked the climax.

vlu do an thoi trang bThe collection was based on a combination of opposing elements: traditional style - Western Europe, deep colors (brown, beige, black) - outstanding colors (red, blue, white), raw materials rough - glossy.

The collection “Modern Ms. Hoa” from Ngo Gia Han impressed the council with its creativity and modernity. Grandmother’s style is Gia Han’s inspiration to prepare a retro style collection of the 80s. 

vlu do an thoi trang eThe combination of color and material is harmonious and natural.

The council analyzed, evaluated and gave detailed comments in order to help students improve and have better orientation in the future.

Dr. Ma Thanh Cao - council president - reminded K22 students majoring in Fashion Design: “We always encourage students to be more creative and avoid overconfidence when pursuing arts careers. Those suggestions not only help them to improve themselves but also practice morality as the slogan of Van Lang University: "Moral - Will - Creativity". 

Click here to watch The Graduation Fashion Show - Coursr 22 Fashion Design Major - Van Lang University

By: Minh Phuong
Photo: Khoi Nguyen


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