Van Lang University Hult Prize on Campus winner

(VLU, 26/01/2021) - On January 11, 2021, the Hult Prize on Campus contest at Van Lang University announced the winner, confirming that the team will move on to the next  Regionals round of the Southeast Asia region.

Hult Prize is known as an annual startup contest for students around the world, organized by the United Nations and Hult University and sponsored by Former President Bill Clinton. This is a playground for young people to start up with creative business ideas and solutions for social problems. The Hult Prize is considered the "Nobel Prize for Startup for Students" with the prize of up to one million US dollars awarded to the champion each year.

vlu hult prize on campus pHult Prize is a prestigious startup contest that has global influence and attracts many young people.

Every year, the Global Hult Prize allows universities to organize the Hult Prize on Campus model, thereby selecting the best talents to participate in regional and international prizes. 2020 was the first year that  Van Lang University joined the Hult Prize, launching a wide-ranging program, searching for bright candidates to compete for the Regional Round in 19 cities in the world.

vlu hult prize on campus hContestants presented their start-up projects in English.

Because this is an international competition, the teams presented their projects entirely in English, demonstrating their ability to communicate fluently and confidently in foreign language. At the Enrollment Round: It's a Win-Win, 14 teams competed to design a startup project on an A4 page with the topic: FOOD FOR GOOD. Business projects must meet the requirements of directly improving the environment and aiming for a better planet. The 5 best projects were selected to the Election Round: You are the best. They  would present directly to the judges  to become the representative to the upcoming Southeast Asia Region.

In just 1 month, Van Lang's Hult Prize on Campus attracted a large number of students who are passionate and interested in startup, creating opportunities for them to learn necessary skills through interesting workshops such as Tell Me Your Experience, Training Business Model Canvas and listened to the experiences from many economic experts and advisors of the competition.

With start-up project of making paint colors from vegetables and fruits, the BEAN ART team completely persuaded the judges and became the champion of the contest. The 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively belonged to the BSK and Biotechnique teams with the project of environmentally friendly paper bags and the clean agricultural product distribution application.

vlu hult prize on campus mThe startup ideas were creative and have positive impacts on the environment of the teams and received high support and encouragement from the Judgement board.

Congratulations on the successful completion of the Hult Prize on Campus program and finding a good candidate for the journey ahead. Wishing the BEAN ART team the best of luck and advantages on their journey to upcoming challenges, ready to grow up with more creative, larger and more interesting startup projects.

Compiled: Hoai Anh
Photo: Hult Prize at VLU -HCM


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