Summary of the "Challenge: Living Safely Amid the Covid Pandemic" contest of the Faculty of Commerce

(VLU, 03/6/2021) Taking place from May 17th 2021 to May 31st 2021, after 2 weeks of launching, the contest "Challenge: Living safely in the middle of the pandemic" of the Faculty of Commerce has found the winners of the Top 10 final prizes.

In order to give students a creative playground, helping them confidently show their artistic talents, "Challenge: Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" organized by the Faculty of Commerce of Van Lang University, spreading the spirit of "anti-epidemic like anti-laundry", helping students protect themselves and safely go through the epidemic season. In addition to the attractive prizes for the Top 10 finalists, all students participating in the Challenge are awarded points for training this semester.

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To participate in the Challenge playground, students must follow a 3-step rules:

  1. Like & share the article announces the launch of the contest at fanpage Faculty of Commerce - VLU of the Faculty of Commerce, accompanied by the hashtag #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich in public mode.
  2. Each student creates a "one-of-a-kind" mask then takes a photo with a mask and adds a slogan according to their own substance.
  3. Post a photo you've taken to your profile to "show off" to people, plus a hashtag #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich

For the first time, the Challenge "Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" has attracted the attention of a large number of students. When searching for #FacultyOfCommerceVLU #Songantoangiuadaidich hashtags on the social networking platform Facebook, there are countless submissions from students. Each contestant creates their own mask according to their own personality: there are contestants who draw on cute funny images, with you using stickers on photo editing software or more art with contestants attaching flowers or hand embroidery to decorate masks. 

vlu challenge covidStudents of Van Lang University have turned the monotonous mask into an impressive "Repel Covid" mask.

vlu challenge covid a

After 2 weeks of competition, Challenge "Living safely in the midst of the pandemic" has found the owner for 10 final prizes including:

Top 2 most popular on Social Media:

  1. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao
  2. Nguyen Kieu Viet Que

Top 3 best slogans:

  1. Bui Pham Truong Vy
  2. Le Hong Nhu Italy
  3. Vo Thi Hong Anh

Top 5 creative:

  1. Nam Nguyen District
  2. Nguyen Chi Nguyen
  3. Vu Ngoc Cat Thao
  4. Bui Dac Bao Han
  5. Nguyen Vo Nghi Dinh

At the end of the contest, Challenge: Living safely in the midst of the Covid pandemic is not only a place to show the painting and creativity of students but also contributes to raising awareness for students in particular and the community in general in the prevention and repelling of Covid-19, and contributes to enriching the life of Van Lang students during the temporary study period.

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