VanLang's Got Talent 2020 successfully closed with the unexpected makeover of TOP 17

In the evening of November 17, 2020, another season of VanLang's Got Talent ended with an emotional finale. Delivering an engaging and dramatic performance, Street Man became the champion of VanLang's Got talent 2020.

VanLang's Got Talent has always been an expected activity of Van Lang students because of its professionalism and grandeur. This playground creates many moments for different generations of Van Lang University students. VanLang's Got Talent 2020 was launched from October 12, 2020, with no genre limitation, allowing candidates with talents and abilities in all fields: singing, dancing, acting, MC, general talent (circus, magic, other strange talents),...

vlu van lang got talent zn

Preliminary Round - 24/10/2020

Each contestant had 2 minutes to perform and show their talent in front of the Jury. The preliminary round taking place at campus 3 of Van Lang University attracted a large number of students with many unique performances in different genres: singing, dancing, musical instruments, contemporary dance, rubik performance …

SEMI-FINAL: 05 - 6/11/2020

The contestants/groups of contestants showed their talents according to the content shown in the preliminary round for 3 minutes. In the two semi-final nights, the Top 38 contestants/groups of contestants who had passed the preliminary round delivered unique performances leading to a variety of emotions that made the judges and the audience constantly swept away. At the end of 2 semi-final nights, 17 contestants/groups of contestants went on to the final night to compete for the championship of VanLang's Got Talent 2020.

FINAL ROUND: 17/11/2020

vlu van lang got talent aThe entire stands of nearly 2,000 seats were quickly filled to support the contestants in the final round night of VanLang's Got Talent 2020

The judges of the final round night of VanLang's Got Talent 2020 were familiar names to the youth: Singer - Composer Vicky Nhung, Singer Duy Ngoc (The Wings), Dance Choreographer Le Vinh, Actor - Model Thuc Linh Lincoln.

vlu van lang got talent mAt the finale, judge- musician - singer Vicky Nhung said: "When you are present in this finale, you have lived your life to the fullest. That is a really great thing. Today, here, Vicky gets to see you guys burn and shine in the finale, a stepping stone for you to achieve even bigger dreams in the future.”

TOP 17 of VanLang's Got Talent 2020 brought unique performances with different colors, giving viewers a lot of surprises.

vlu van lang got talent zdThe 4 members of Strong Girls impressed the audience and the judges with their vibrant performance, personality, professional choreography and content that were considered to require difficult techniques

vlu van lang got talent qContestant Le Ha Phong brought continuous surprises with his skillful rubik performance techniques

vlu van lang got talent rVibe team created a cute, playful performance, with a clear story, leading viewers to different levels of emotions.

vlu van lang got talent yInspired by the constant floods and storms in the Central region in Viet Nam, X.U Team brought a performance that was very professional from content to performance techniques to convey humanistic and topical messages.

vlu van lang got talent vWith the performance "Nàng Thơ", contestant Bach Quang Minh expressed his charm with his sweet voice, affection and confident performance.

vlu van lang got talent t"Hai Chị Em" with the medley of Quê Hương, Đá Trông Chồng, Dạ Cổ Hoài Lang, ... surprised the whole Hall with their professional staging and heart-melting vocals.

vlu van lang got talent zcDeep, sweet, but equally vibrant, contestant Nguyen Nam Duong made the whole hall drop to the rhythm of "3107"

vlu van lang got talent zbStreet Man conquered the audience and the judges with their physical strength and performance talent. There were exciting and unique moments as well as suffocating moments that made the whole hall silent.

With the equal abilities of the contestants/groups of contestants in the final round, the Organizing Committee and the Judges faced many difficulties to choose the most worthy faces. After some deliberation, Van Lang's Got talent 2020 honored and named the talents:

-        Champions: STREET MAN

-        1st Runner-up: X.U TEAM

-        2nd Runner-up: STRONG GIRLS

-        Prospect Award: BẠCH QUANG MINH, NGUYỄN NAM DƯƠNG 

-        Impression Award: LÊ HÀ PHONG

-        The contestant with the highest score in the qualifying round: V!BE TEAM, NGUYỄN QUỐC GIA AN, NHÓM CỨU THƯƠNG

-        Most Favorite Contestant: HAI CHỊ EM

Along with the contestants' performances, the appearance of the singer Orange with many hits contributed to igniting the atmosphere of the final night.

vlu van lang got talent zeBringing many hits, the singer Orange ignited the passionate fire of VanLang's Got talent 2020

In order to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day on November 20 and a series of events towards the 25th anniversary of Van Lang University's establishment with the spirit: "VAN LANG’s magnanimity flying far", at Vanlang's Got Talent 2020, on the background of music. With the song "Bụi phấn", the members of the School Youth Union - Association representing all students of Van Lang University sent flowers to the lecturers to express their deepest gratitude.

An unforgettable highlight of Vanlang's Got Talent 2020 in the final night is the appearance of the exclusive composition "Van Lang Touching Dreams" by one of the four judges: Singer Vicky Nhung in order to dedicate to Van Lang University on the occasion when the School turns 25 years old. "Passion, go without worries, because Van Lang is the place where we reach our dreams...", the vibrant and optimistic lyrics have added motivation and love for each Van Lang University student.

vlu van lang got talent zaMusician, singer Vicky Nhung and members of Van Lang University's Youth Union - Association presented exclusive compositions for 25-years-old Van Lang

After all, what’s left is probably the excitement, pride and emotions of a truly burning night. Hopefully Vanlang's Got Talent will forever be the pride of the Van Lang community, to remind and to name when talking about this school.

Writer: Thanh Tiền
Photos: Mai Nhân, Edward

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