Students of Industrial Design brought their first products to the Exhibition of Student Projects of Art and Design, sending a message towards the Central region

On November 15, K26 students wil bring their first products to the Exhibition of Student Projects of Arts and Design at the Student Culture House. Of the 7 artworks participating in the exhibition, this is the only artwork done by the new students when they have just entered the school. The work was especially inspired by the consecutive storms that hit the Central region in Viet Nam recently.

Continuously for more than half a month now, Tran Thuy My Dung, Chung Quoc Thang, and Vu Nguyen Truong Chinh - the K26 students of the Faculty of Art and Design, have always been working at the workshop to complete their product as perfectly as possible.

The purpose of this activity is to help students create their own products with their passion in order to attend the Exhibition of Student Projects of Art and Design. The event is organized by Van Lang University and other universities belonging to Ho Chi Minh City National Universities at the Student Culture House (Thu Duc District, the National Universities campus). Many student artworks of jewelry blocks, ceramic projects, transportation projects, and basic block projects of the current students and the alumni of the Faculty of Arts and Design will be exhibited in November. The opening ceremony takes place at 8:30 a.m. on November 15 at the ground floor of the Student Cultural House (Luu Huu Phuoc Street, Dong Hoa Ward, Di An Town, Binh Duong Province).

vlu sv tao dang trien lam do anLecturer Do Anh Tuan, Head of Industrial Design, Faculty of Art and Design, Van Lang University, during the lesson instructing K26 students to perform the exhibition

Inspired by the storms that continuously hit the Central region in Viet Nam, causing heavy damages recently, My Dung, Quoc Thang, Truong Chinh together with a group of theK26 students majoring in Industrial Design made this artwork. The product is topical with the meaning of joining hands together with the whole country to help the Central region.

vlu sv tao dang trien lam do ancThe hands are covered with plaster dust of the lecturer and the students during practical sessions at the workshop

The artwork made of plaster material began to take shape through the hands of the students, under the guidance of lecturer Do Anh Tuan. Curved lines represent waves. Waves can be beautiful in poetry but in life sometimes they have impacts on humans, taking away the labor efforts for many years.

Borrowing this image, the K26 Industrial Design students expressed the pain, loss and sacrifice in their product. The woven white ropes represent the arms holding the waves to restrain the anger of nature.

Talking about the K26 students, Dr. Do Anh Tuan, Head of Industrial Design - the Faculty of Arts and Design, shared: “These K26 students are encouraged to experience the reality at the workshop even though they have not studied the theories. We aim to fuel their passion and let them know the value of the profession.

vlu sv tao dang trien lam do anbAlthough the students have not learned much theories, Dr. Tuan still encouraged his students to come down to the workshop to touch the materials, to feel the materials and to understand the value of the profession.

With Quoc Thang, My Dung, Truong Chinh, these three students all chose to study Industrial Design because of passion, but each of them had a very different story. While Quoc Thang came to the major because of his hobby of making things with his own hands, My Dung chose the major because of her hobby of shaping characters and touching materials with her own hands to create products as well as the pleasure of hearing the sound of the engine running.

However, Truong Chinh's story to Industrial Design major is especially a longer journey than his classmates. Since childhood, Chinh has loved drawing. When growing up, Chinh really liked to touch models of cars, planes, and trains. He mistakenly thought that studying Automotive Engineering is studying how to design products and decided to study this major. After graduating, feeling that he didn’t study in the right major, Chinh continued to find out information about majors related to his interests. "Finally, I chose to study Industrial Design at Van Lang University. This time, I chose the right major," Chinh shared.

After completing the artwork, the biggest lesson all three friends, My Dung, Quoc Thang, and Truong Chinh received was their persistence and determination to follow through with the goals for their passion. Currently the artwork still has no official title, they are thinking of a name for this special product. Some of the brightest "candidates" to consider are Storm, Wave, Cry...

Writer: Hồng Ngân
Photos: Mỹ Dung – Quốc Thắng – Trường Chinh

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