Students of Honor Program burn with “KEY” – welcome Course 26 new freshmen

On October 16, 2020, at the N2T1 hall, Van Lang University held a welcoming show for the new students of Course 26 Special Training Programme - "KEY". Although it was held for the first time, but "KEY - Miracle Day" succeeded beyond expectations and brought a lot of joy to the freshmen of the 3rd course of the Special Training Programme.

On that Miracle Day, the N2T1 hall was full. The show attracted a large number of students not only of the Special Training Programme but also of the whole School's students, and received enthusiastic support from the lecturers, the faculties and the departments at Van Lang University. The show is the first spiritual gift of K24 and K25 students who had especially prepared to celebrate K26 freshmen.

vlu ctdtdb key bAssoc. Prof. Dr. Tran Thi My Dieu - Rector of Van Lang University came to congratulate and celebrate with the students of the Special Training Programme to welcome Course 26 freshmen.

vlu ctdtdb key aLogos and publications are carefully and seriously invested. The designs are supported by Nguyen Vu Tuan Kiet - Course 25 student majoring in Graphic Design - Interactive Media Graphics

Inspired by the movie "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" _ "KEY" represents the image of the "keys" of power and potential values of each person that Alice must find to rescue Underland. Thereby, the show hopes the new students will find their true values and master their own future!

vlu key aliceAlice stepped out to light up the whole hall, "Key - Miracle Day" officially started with that shimmering and beautiful image. Alice: "This can't be done". Hatmaker: "Only if you believe so." - from "Alice's Adventure in Wonderland" (Lewis Carroll)

At the beginning of the ceremony, K26 freshmen participated in the "Puzzle" joining ceremony, with the meaning that each member comes from many different specializations, but they are all important pieces for the Special Training Programme. The featured image of the show is KEY - "The key to success". And 5 knowledge bases that bring success in life that the Special Training Programme wants to send include:


vlu ctdtdb key nRepresentative of the students of Special Training Programme among generations: Nguyen Thuy Ha - Head of Organizing Committee Welcome Program for K26 Special Training Programme freshmen; Pham Thi Thuy Vy - Chairman of the Student Activities Committee of the Special Training Program; Dang Vo Nhat Minh – Representative of K24 students (Leader in learning of K24); Nhu Ngoc Minh Anh – Representative of K25 students (Leader in learning of K25); Nguyen Thanh Tung - Representative of K26.

Each typical red and orange T-shirt of the Special Training Programme was given to K26 students in turn as an inspiration and encouragement from K24 and K25 students with the hope that they will inherit and promote the values that the previous generations built.

vlu ctdtdb key dThe K26 freshmen of the Special Training Programme were especially excited to receive the "flames" passed on by the previous students.

vlu ctdtdb key cIn the show, the Special Training Programme also officially introduced the Executive Board of the Student Activities Committee of the Special Training Programme. Those students will be in charge of the student activities in the 2020-2021 semester.

The gentle Bachata dance combined with the excitement of the Chachacha dance opened the festival. Dancing is also a physical subject in the Special Curriculum.

vlu ctdtdb key eFlexible steps and charismatic faces have brought excitement to the lecturers and the students.

vlu ctdtdb key kK26 students confidently went on stage to participate in the game of the show.

The atmosphere continued to be more magical and explosive with special performances from Poong Crew dance group, Passion Band, Van Lang Guitar Club and 2 students - Ngoc Thao and Duc Hau - who sang extremely beautiful songs: Mãi Mãi Bên Nhau, Love Story, Chỉ Riêng Mình Ta.

Besides, the most expected and welcomed performance of the show was the singer DatKaa whose hit song has reached more than 20 million views on Youtube, ranking in the top 10 best songs of 2020 on Zing MP3, reaching 10 million likes on tiktok. DatKaa performed two of his most popular songs, "Dừng thương" and "Đường quyền tình yêu".

vlu ctdtdb key g

The last gift to close the Miracle Day that the Organizing Committee gave to K26 freshmen was an explosion with an amazing performance from DJ Nam Mike – known as The Unkwn. In 2017 he won the award of the 2017 studio competition by MCMA, he has performed with many famous DJs and at many large and small stages.

vlu ctdtdb key iDJ Nam Mike stirred up the entire audience for nearly 30 minutes, all the participants poured onto the stage together, shoulder to shoulder, mingled with exciting music.

vlu ctdtdb key m

During the show, the participants always showed the spirit and personalities of the students of the Special Training Programme. The Honors Program has promised to have more monumental and meaningful programs in the future.

Writer: Nguyễn Thúy Hà – Head of Organizing Committee
Photos: Mai Nhân, Hoàng Hiệp, Dương Nhật Huy

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