Students majoring in Public Relation launched a new Music Video “PR hello” to welcome new Course 26 students

(VLU, September 24, 2020) - On September 17th, 2020, The Music Video “PR hello” was launched on Fanpage of Faculty of Public Relation and Communication - Van Lang University as a special gift from Executive Committee - Faculty Association to all new Course 26 students as well as PR Department students.

A music video “PR hello” was made in order to give more information about program courses and training, clubs and other programs of Faculty of Public Relation and Communication such as NEON, CLICK!PR, Welcome new students, etc. Besides that, it showed proactive, creative and enthusiastic characteristics of PR students with a message “PR is home”.

vlu pr xin chao aMV “PR hello!” showed the featured programs of Faculty of Public Relation and Communication: NEON, CLICK!PR, Welcome new students, etc.

MV was made 100% by students. Dao Thanh Nhi from the Executive Committee - Faculty Association said that the melody was based on the famous song “Shalala - Vengaboy”. The lyrics was written by members of the Executive Committee. There were some trouble in filming so they had to film 3 times to complete this MV.

vlu pr xin chao bDespite the fact that they just used one smartphone to film but PR team still brought an extremely great and eye-catching MV.

The image of proactive and enthusiastic PR students was expressed honestly and vividly through images of 2 main characters in MV. They showed what kind of typical students that department was looking for. All scenes in the MV were filmed at Van Lang University - Campus 3 to make connections with students.

vlu pr xin chao dHumorous students of the Faculty of Public Relation and Media Communication put their future job into a MV such as: MC, event organizer, Journalist, Reporter, Editor, etc. throughout a launching for a new MV to the community.

With an orientation that will be a dancing MV, the production team only had 2 months to complete this MV so they focused more on image. After launching 1 week, MV “PR hello” had 34.000 viewers and more than 3.000 engagement on Fanpage. Executive Committee - Faculty Association of Faculty of Public Relation- Media Communication hoped with this gift, all new K26 students could understand and feel PR spirit, love from seniors, so that it could become a motivation for them to shine and complete successfully their 4 years ahead.

Click here to watch the MV “PR hello!” from students of Faculty of Public Relation and Media Communication!

Tuệ Khánh
Source: Executive Committee - Faculty Association of Public Relation & Communication Department

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